Eek, I’m in heaven! I’ve been asked to review designer Sarah Payne’s British Waterways Fabric Collection courtesy of Craft Cotton Co. Two fat quarter packs and some yardage found it’s way to me via and it got my head in spin as to what to make with it! Just look how lovely these designs are.

But, while I’m thinking about what to make, let’s find out some more about the fabric.

This 100% cotton fabric has a lovely soft feel to it and the fat quarter packs are all wrapped up with a navy-blue ribbon and a distinctive label that shows the care/wash instructions.

The British Waterways fat quarters are cut exactly at 18” x 22” in packs of 4 and the width of the yardage is 44” (not including selvedge’s).

It’s lovely to work with, cuts cleanly with rotary cutter and scissors but does fray slightly when handled; no more than other fabrics I’ve used though.

The fabric irons/presses well giving a crisp finish to the block/quilt top.

I haven’t washed any of it so I’m unable to tell you about the colour fastness of the darker fabrics at the time of writing.

It hasn’t quite reached the shops yet so the only price range I can find are FQs from £2 – £3 and per metre approx. £12.

As always, I give a lot of thought about how to showcase the British Waterways Collection of fabrics. The kingfisher on the Waters Edge (White and Green) fabric deserved to be given a place of prominence on whatever I made. I needed something that would frame the Kingfisher; light bulb moment, Churn Dash block would frame it nicely!

Fussy cutting the Kingfisher at 5.5” square seemed doable, now all I had to do was calculate the size needed for the Churn Dash block from that. After doing the maths, it made it a 15” finished block (15.5” unfinished). Four blocks would make a 30” square top so I needed something else to flesh out the pattern and show off some of the other fabrics in the pack. Flying Geese (FG) is another block that, in the six years I’ve been quilting, I’ve never used any FG blocks in a quilt. Thinking about my love of walking, FG blocks also remind me of following the footpath markers, so now they are included, and the pattern design seemed to be coming together nicely, add a border and no doubt, there’ll be a few tweaks on the way!

Almost there, some thoughts on how it can be adjusted to make it a different size which I’ll write about at the end – and …. a name for the FREE quilt pattern! I decided on ……..

Riverside Walk Quilt Top

Finishes approx. 42” square.

Featuring the British Waterways Collection from Craft Company Co, designed by Sarah Payne.

Churn Dash blocks x 4

Unfinished size 15.5” (Finished size 15”)

You will need:

Background fabric [I used Moda Grunge – Basic Gray]

16 ~ 3” x 5.5” strips

8 ~ 6” x 6” squares

Churn Dash Centre square

4 ~ 5.5” x 5.5” squares [I used the 2 Kingfishers from Waters Edge, Green and 2 from Waters Edge, White]

Contrasting Fabric

8 ~ 6” x 6” squares [I used (4) Dancing Insects and (4) Dragonfly)

16 ~ 3” x 5.5” strips [I used (8) Dancing Insects and (8) Dragonfly)

Flying Geese (FG) blocks x 4 

Unfinished size: 3.5” x 6.5” (Finished size 3” x 6”)

You will need: (Each ‘block’ comprises of 5 FG units)

FG Units

20 ~ 6.5” x 3.5” strips of your chosen fabrics [I used (8) Water Lilies (8) Emperor Butterfly (4) Water Reeds]

Centre block

One 6.5” x 6.5” square in contrasting fabric 2 [I used Water Reeds]

Background fabric:

40 ~ 3.5” x 3.5” squares. Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on each one.

2 ~ 1” strips Width of Fabric (WoF)

2 ~ 1” x 6.5” strips

4 ~ 1” x 15.5” strips


4 ~ 3” x WOF chosen fabric [I used Emperor Butterfly]

To make the Flying Geese (FG) Blocks:

Take one 3.5” x 6.5” strip and place Right Side (RS) facing upwards and follow the diagram below to make up the unit. PRESS. Repeat to make 20 FG units in total.

You will see that I have made some Half Square Triangles (HSTs) out of the ‘left-over corners’ of the FG units. When trimmed, these finish at 2.5” square and I have 40 of these for another project.

Lay out 5 of the FG units as shown. Sew together using a 0.25” seam.

Repeat to make 4 FG blocks in total.

These should measure 6.5” x 15.5”


To make the Churn Dash blocks

For these blocks I used the Water’s Edge fabric (White and Green) and ‘fussy’ cut out (2) White (2) Green 5.5” x 5.5” Kingfishers for the centre piece.

Using a 0.25” seam sew a 3.5” x 5.5” background fabric and chosen fabric strip down one side. PRESS.

The background fabric will be on the outer edge of the block so if using directional fabric check before sewing your seam. You need 4 of these for each block (16 in total).

Make the HSTs.

Place one background fabric and one chosen fabric (Dragonfly/Dancing Insects) RS together. Mark as shown below and sew along the sewing lines. Cut down the centre line. PRESS open. Trim to 5.5” square.

Repeat for the remaining HSTs ~ 16 in total.

Construct the Churn Dash block:

Place the pieces as shown. You will have 2 blocks in each combination colourway, 4 in all.

Sew the units together using 0.25” seams. PRESS.

Finished size 15”, unfinished 15.5”

Time to put the Churn Dash and Flying Geese blocks together!

You can play with the layout here when placing the FG blocks. I chose to lay them pointing to the centre of the quilt top.


After taking the photo (shown above) and looking at it on my tablet I decided it would look much better if I added a ‘one inch’ strip of background fabric to each side.

Start by placing two FG blocks facing each other with the Water Reeds 6.5” x 6.5” square in the centre. Using 0.25” seams, sew a 1” x 6.5” strip of background fabric to the left side (LF) and RS of the centre block then sew this to the ‘pointed’ end of the FG units. PRESS.

Now sew a 1” x WOF strip to either side of this extended FG block. PRESS.

With the two remaining FG blocks, sew a 1” x 15.5” strip at either side. PRESS.

Next – Sew all the units together using a 0.25” seam. PRESS

Add the 3” x WOF border strips, again using 0.25” seam. PRESS.

Voila – here is your finished quilt top! Finished size approx. 42”

Add wadding, quilt and bind as desired.

Variations to the quilt top.

Change the direction of the FG units.

Add two more Churn Dash blocks and 3 FG blocks (and a centre block) – change the direction of the vertical centre FG blocks so they either go up or down. This will make the make the length approx. 65”

Click HERE for the FREE pattern.

Please feel free to use this quilt pattern for your own personal use and/or for charity donations. Not to be used for trainers workshops where a charge is made. You may also use your own fabric choices.

© All I ask is that you acknowledge Carol Lightburn/ as the author if sharing with your quilt group.   [email protected]

Want some more reading? Why not take a peek at Sylvia’s blog to read her story about this fabric collection.

Finally, thank you to Craft Cotton Co. for this lovely British Waterways fabric and to for asking me to review it.

Happy Sewing Everyone.

Carol L

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