A couple of summers ago I was lucky to become a part owner of a lovely canal river cruiser . an ancient Birchwood 25 in need of care and attention.   Over time my fellow owner, who is a bit good at renovating stuff, has been updating the mechanics, fitting a new refurbished engine, and changing a lot of things.   His sister, a very accomplished seamstress, even made a brand new canopy for the cabin which I did help cut out, and we had great fun refitting it.

She’s call Nettie Scroop.  Apparently scroop is the noise that rope makes if you scrunch it up, but the name came out of nowhere one day and seemed to suit.  She is now moored close to Doncaster and we have had a few lovely warm summer evenings on the canal learning to navigate the locks and swing bridges.  These pictures were taken recently on a trip up to North Yorkshire.  Travelling the waterways gives a peaceful new perspective on the world.

When this fabulous beautiful new fabric, designed by the talented Sarah Payne for the Craft Cotton Co. dropped on my doorstep I couldn’t resist it.

The range is called British Waterways – perfect for a picnic quilt to use on the boat or sat on the canal side.  The colours have a real depth to them and the quality is fabulous.  I really like the fact it’s been packaged with matching ribbon too.

Sarah Payne’s new design will be hitting the shops in August this year so keep your eyes open.   There will be FQ packs along with yardage so there’s really a lot of opportunity to create some fabulous quilts with it.

I plan to use the beautiful fabrics to create a lap quilt to donate to our local hospice using a lovely pattern of poppies I have seen – Abbie Searle is using this as the first part of her 11th Wittering Quilt and it is a really simple pattern.  Abbie is well known to the UKQU Quilting Community here, along with a website shop to purchase patterns and templates from (even fabrics) and she has her dedicated FB Group for her Witterings which is worth a look if you are looking for a new BOM or simply want to create something different Patchwork Witterings of Abbie Ann

I want to showcase the fabulous patterns from this new range. If there’s enough left over, then there has to be a new quilt for the boat, after all we see dragonflies and even the odd Kingfisher flying across the canal when we are out in her from time to time.

Having the care instruction on the back of the labels for the FQ is a great move, since it means they can be attached to the hospice quilt, which, for anywhere needing to pay attention to infection control, like the Hospice, knowing how to wash the quilt is important.  Thank you Craft Cotton Co. for adding that.

It might be a while until I can get around to making the quilts, but I will share them when I do. 2022’s fabulous Summer is in full bloom now, and I plan to spend as much time in the great outdoors as I can, but this fabric is really calling me.

Listen to the sound of the British Waterways.