It’s taken a while after moving to get back into a routine for making.  The bonus is that I have a sewing room at home as well as the studio.  It’s a great distraction from other things I should be doing.  Getting unpacked, got me in the mood for tidying and organising.  The studio was in great need in a tidy up.

The tidy up uncovered some projects that were long overdue for finishing. One project I started was to create a sandwich bag using fabric treated with Heat and Bond Liquid Vinyl.  You can hear my first thoughts about the product here, and how to use it here.

I pre-cut the fabric to size and then painted on the liquid vinyl.  I used two coats for mine and I will be able to wipe clean the fabric when needed.  Once the fabric had been treated and set. I could start piecing it all together until I had my bag.

You can hear more about the process and my thoughts in the video below.


Have you used Heat and Bond Liquid Vinyl?  What did you think?  What have you made?  If you have, let me know in the comments.  In the meantime, I’m going back to see what other projects I can get finished.