Continuing the Series…. Controversial? Moi? This is Part 3. Be warned there is MUCH worse to come in the future including Cats, Dogs, and of course Kittens. Errr …. did I actually mention Ducks? Never mind all will become as clear as mud in due course 🙂. This quilt journey features Frogs!

We all know that we can’t always put pictures of cats and dogs on, or even near, finished quilts or goodness gracious sleeping on sewing machines, quilt sandwiches, disrupting cut out bits on the floor, because the pictures are frowned on, or even banned on most of the major worldwide FB quilting groups or online forums. Babies on quilts get equally frowned on too on most quilting social media platforms.

I did a blog recently about making a play mat for a friend who was on a boat in the middle of the Red Sea on a diving holiday, who messaged me because she wanted an appropriate play mat for a fellow diving enthusiast, who’s wife was expecting a baby.

So today’s baby “play mat” blog is all about “THAT” same friend again, that completely off the wall bonkers one, and yes we all have one of those, but this one is beyond even extra exceptional!

She was delighted with the playmat I made based on diving and sea life, and then I got another FB message…. “Hello Mate” …. (She by the way is allowed to call me “Mate” as we are both ex forces and it is an endearment us lady soldiers often use to each other) …. I need a play mat for a friend who’s daughter is called Lily. I’m thinking of Lily Pads & I’d like some frogs too if possible. What material have you got?

Despite my position & substantial reputation as a curator of an extensive fabric collection, I genuinely had nothing suitable anywhere! So it was Google (other search engines are available) time, using just the image search function. After lots of false starts, and totally unsuitable fabrics, I seemed to be scrolling down forever. Using lots of different search terms eventually I found just one fabric that looked perfect, and one that I really liked. It was by Michael Miller from the “Prints Charming” range and this one was called “Unfrogettable”, which indeed it was.


Michael Miller “Unfrogettable”  fabric

I then found someone in the UK who sold it, but they didn’t have the whole range. but they did have the “Unfrogettable” pattern from the range in aqua & lilac.

Michael Miller “Unfrogettable” in Aqua 
Michael Miller “Unfrogettable” in Clover 

I sent some images to my friend who was actually quite impressed that I had actually met the “brief” in terms of finding “Frogs on Lily Pads”. I then found 2 other lines from the range which were just Lily Pads, perfect for a baby called Lily.

Michael Miller “Lily Garden” in Orange
Michael Miller “Lily Garden” in Pink

These two fabrics also met approval. My friend liked them because so far what I had found was quite bright, and wasn’t the traditional baby colour palette. I then looked on the Michael Miller website to research what else was available.

The Michael Miller “Prints Charming” range

The small frog print was called “Ribbit”. I wasn’t as keen on the other pattern in the range, the ditsy floral print, although it was charming, I preferred the bolder colours I had selected. Finding all the colours in the UK was more problematic. One shop had maybe 2 colours but not the other ones, and so the challenge went on.

“Ribbit” by Michael Miller

Finally I had all the fabrics from the range that I wanted. But THEN I found, from another UK shop, the most amazing double border print from the range, called “Your Pad or Mine”, which was perfect for the backing!

Double Border Print called “Your Pad or Mine” by Michael Miller

I decided to do a disappearing 9 patch using the larger scale prints in the corners with the lily pads diagonally opposite each other, and the same for the fun frogs on the lily pads so that you could see as much of the design as possible. I used the smaller scale “Ribbit” prints to make up the rest of the 9 patch.


The finished Quilt using the dark Green “Ribbit” as the binding

Now I cannot do Free motion quilting, believe me I have genuinely tried, but it does not stop me making quilts, playmats or bags. I have a Pfaff Performance 5 which does 9mm wide fancy stitches, so using either King Tut or Mettler variegated threads, depending on the colour I need, I use a variety of stitches to do wiggles & whatnot to finish my projects. I also use a feather stitch to machine finish my binding.

Can I say a quick safety warning about babies and quilts. Until they are at least a year old they should only be used as a playmat on the floor for tummy time and play. They should not be used as bedding due to a possible risk of the baby overheating.

Next time in the “Controversial? Moi?” series in Part 4, there will be Cats, Dogs and yes….. Ducks …… you have been Warned! (Sneak preview alert … Part 5 is all about Kittens) …. Happy Quilting everyone!