We all know that we can’t always put pictures of cats and dogs on, or even near, finished quilts or goodness gracious sleeping on sewing machines, quilt sandwiches, disrupting cut out bits on the floor, because the pictures are frowned on or banned on most of the major worldwide FB quilting groups or other online forums.

My previous blogs in this series have involved Babies on Quilts, then there was “That” friend with nearly impossible requests for very specific fabric wishes for quilts for her friends who were having babies. Have you ever tried finding Fish, Octopus, Sea Horse, Star Fish, Shells, Sea Turtles, Frogs and Lily Pads. No I didn’t think so! NOW it is time for what I have been teasing you with… the real controversy Cats & Dogs on Quilts! You also get a bonus this time Ducks… yes of course it had to be Ducks! If you have not seen the previous blogs in the “Controversial? Moi?” series, just use the magnifying glass top left and search for ‘ Teresa Barrow ‘ which will bring up all my previous blogs and the ones in this specific controversy series of which there will be 5.

Back to Cats and Dogs AKA Fur Babies …. It all started with Alfie and some nasty thieving thugs who thought sawing off the exhaust pipe from Alfie’s Fur parent’s car, to extract the supposed precious metals from the catalytic converter, would get them a few quid. It might have done, I really don’t know but what it meant for them, is that they could not get their very seriously ill cat to the vet and extreme anguish. A few minutes of personal greed & selfishness rendered their car unroadworthy, & meant that a v poorly cat could not get the urgent treatment needed. I picked them & Alfie up, and took them to the vet and then home again. Alfie sadly in the end did not make it, and went to Rainbow Bridge. The car was nothing to losing their much loved Alfie, but those thugs did not help at a very traumatic time for them.

Alfie … sadly now over Rainbow Bridge.

I heard from my friend that they had rescued & adopted a new cat called Max & I knew how heartbroken they were about Alfie, so I made Max a Quilt surrounded with rainbows as a welcome present from his predecessor who had gone over Rainbow Bridge. They adored it and Max even got his own blog page!

Cat panel with Rainbow border for Max in honour of Alfie his predecessor on a snowy day
Max on his new mat
Paws for thought.

The next thing I know is that another local friend saw it, and wanted one too, but for her doglet fur babies instead. Could I get some similar fabrics but for dogs. These amazing Cat & Dog fabrics are from Loralie Designs, they are mostly out of print, but I managed to get hold of some of the out of print amazing dog ones. How £much she asked? 25 ducks please was my response. Now this may sound a bit wacky, but all her family are very involved with an annual local Rotary Club Duck Race for Charity, so because I do not sell quilts professionally, 25 duck tickets for the charity seemed appropriate. I didn’t win sadly, but her dogs loved the quilt.

Dog panel with borders on ribbons, paws and star binding
The Annual Rotary Club Millets Farm Duck Race
The Annual Rotary Club Millets Farm Duck Race. There  are 25 ducks with my number on them but where?

I used King Tut variegated thread and the built in fancy stitches on my Pfaff Performance 5 to quilt it with because no matter how many times I try, I just can’t do Free Motion Quilting, but that doesn’t ever stop me!

Front and reverse of quilt showing the variegated thread.
Front and reverse of quilt showing the variegated thread.

Just because you can’t do Free Motion Quilting it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, give pleasure to others, and rainbow variegated thread & fancy inbuilt stitches from your sewing machine adds interest.

My new quilt
No….. it’s MY new Quilt!
Room for Two? Oh alright then, we will share!

Then someone else I knew got a French Bulldog Puppy, obviously another quilted blanket required. This was thick stretch jersey T shirt material backed with fleece, but it was an absolute nightmare to quilt due to the every which-way stretch.

Perfect Blanket for a French Bulldog Puppy.

Then it all gets a bit bizarre, I have a friend who has a neutered male Siamese cat called Allan Bennet. Now he is a renowned local character often going walkabout, especially into the hotel next door where he obviously decided Michelin Star cuisine was more appropriate to his class & breeding. One day he went walkabout but didn’t come back as normal after his 4 star hotel & Michelin Restaurant foray. Days turned into weeks and his owner was distraught about his disappearance. She put up posters locally and in nearby towns & villages offering a substantial reward for his safe return because by then catnapping was more than likely suspected. The fact he had been neutered made him less valuable anyway for breeding as he was no longer the “Full Tom”. The targeted posters finally worked & contact was made, and in a handover in a public car park under the gaze of CCTV’s, cat and “reward” money were exchanged. Apparently he had walked ten miles, to somewhere he had never been, survived living feral for weeks, and then just suddenly out of the blue decided to get into this man’s white van. It goes without saying of course that he got a quilted mat to welcome him home.

Allan Bennet on his mat

Coming next time in the “Controversial Moi” series, in Part 5, a heart breaking story about kittens, but don’t worry it all eventually ends well.…. see you soon! xxx