Earlier in the month I wrote about the generosity of quilters.  We all know what comfort a quilt can bring and that is why so many of us quilters make for others.  There are many different charities you can support that offer quilts to people, from newborns to the end of life and everything in between.  You can offer: a full quilt; donate fabric, wadding or backing; sew on the binding; or fundraise – it can be as little or as much as you like but anything and everything does make a big difference.

Here are some organisations that are always looking for volunteers:

Project Linus

Quilts for Care Leavers

Siblings Together

aswell as NICUs needing incubator covers

Head over here for a link to find out about sewing you can do for charity that isn’t necessarily quilts.

This week I delivered quilts to three children who tragically lost their dad recently.  I made two and another lady offered to make the third, having never even met the family!  I made an eye spy quilt for the youngest boy and the second it was out of the bag the conversations about what he could see started.  Here’s hoping these quilts, and many more like them, can bring a little comfort and cheer to people  who need it.


  1. Teresa Barrow

    Wonderful but heart breaking, especially regarding the 3 children who lost their father, which you took quilts to recently. Like Abigail many of us make quilts for various charity initiatives and it gives us comfort too as well, just to make them to try to make a difference.