Big deep breath, Hello my name is Candy and I’m a fabriholic!!

There I’ve said it, and how do I know, well my son went up in our loft recently to look for something he put up there when he was a teenager (he’s married with a 7 year old!!) and I asked him if he could get to an old trunk that may have some material in it! Oh Boy! Did it, talk about all my yesterdays!, but what made me smile the most was when I pulled from it an electric blue floral shirt-waister mini dress, very short, very ‘60’s, that I made for my summer sixth form uniform! I went to an all-girls secondary school in west London where we were allowed to choose, and make our own sixth form uniforms back then. This dress had been cannibalised by me in the past to make something for one of my daughters, but there was still some of the material left just in case, and I don’t think it had seen the light of day since!!! It was like meeting an old friend!! Nothing is wasted!

I think that stems from being an only child (& only grandchild), so I was included with the adults of post war Britain, rather than with my cousins who didn’t appear until I was almost 11. I made my own clothes as a teenager and sewed for my girls when they came along, but what I really wanted to learn was to quilt!……and somewhere up in my loft, stuffed away in a carrier bag is, what I now know as a tumbling block quilt which I started in the ‘80’s, and didn’t really know what I was doing so gave up on it!

So how did I get quilting, I got invited to join a neighbouring WI groups’ Christmas dinner as they had empty places. Their out-going President was presented with a beautiful quilt made by some of their members, and I happened to say ‘’Oh I’d love to be able to do something like that’’ I was immediately invited to go along to their quilting group, held in a group members house. I rocked up with small hand sewing kit on the appointed day and as the leader started me off on a hexie pin cushion, one of the ladies said ‘right we have to be on our best behaviour today as we have a new lady here’, then, having found that I’d been made redundant from our village library proceeded to tell the group that she’d always wanted to write a book like ’50 shades of Grey’, well nobody could sew for laughter for a while, and that’s how it went on!! Oh I miss those days!! Sadly our ‘teacher’ moved away…. Didn’t you Lyn Butler????? But Lyn had set me off on a voyage of exploration, of quilting, and most of all of friendship, I’ve found every ‘quilty’ lady (& gent) to be really friendly & helpful.

What have I learnt so far?

Well I’ve learnt to slow down and not rush things! You only meet the Ripper that way!!

I’ve learnt I’m not a fan of free motion quilting, but I’ve given it a try, and although it’s only on a machine table tidy, so hidden under my machine I’m happy with it.

I love binding!!!

I hate candle wreaths!

I’ve learnt I can search out a fabric shop as soon as I hit a town!!!

That polyester may be cheap but it doesn’t really make a nice quilt!

That I can’t use a quilting frame’

Nor am I a big fan of hexies.

That I love Dresden Plates and that I enjoy hand sewing bias strips onto my blocks, although not a big fan of making the bias strips unless I remember to turn the steam off on my iron!!

That there is NO Quilt Police!

It’s best to put my glasses on when reading instructions or cutting out!

Also that I DO love fabric!!!

(and I use far too may apostrophes!!!)