Something new to try! Generously provided by EQS and thanks to  for kindly giving me the opportunity to write this product review for the June Tailor Shape Cut Slotted Ruler 12″ x 12″

The actual Slotted Ruler measures 16 ½ inch square and is made of good quality flexible plastic/acrylic. At each end of the cutting slot is a teardrop shaped ‘hole’ to place your rotary cutter in.

Whilst not particularly cheap it is very useful if you are cutting fabric on a regular basis. At first I was sceptical about how easy it would be to guide a rotary cutter through the ‘slots’. I needn’t have been worried – my rotary cutter slid with ease along the slot creating a good clean cut on the fabric underneath.

It is so quick and easy to cut strips and you can cut multiple layers of fabric with ease. I tested it out by layering two fat quarters to cut into two x 7 inch square and 8 x 3½ inch x 3½ inch square (4 of each colour) for use on a sample block.

I found it easy to ‘move it along’ the fabric when re-positioning it to cut into smaller (3 ½ inch) strips and squares (although some fabric may stick to it as its lifted, perhaps caused by some static). If you want to cut longer strips then folding the fabric is the answer with the fold at the bottom of the slotted ruler.

I then layered 4 pieces of fabric to cut strips 2½ inch wide to check whether it was as easy and accurate to use – it was. It also worked just as well cutting through two layers of fabric with wadding sandwiched in between. Impressive!

The ‘cutting slots’ are in half inch increments so the trick is counting on/remembering where your next cutting line is when cutting multiple strips. It’s great for lining up a straight edge as you have your cutting mat underneath to support you in lining up on the ‘0’ line. It has a useful ¼ inch dotted line between the 0 and ½ inch cutting line – great for when you want to cut a slightly narrower strip – just remember to move the board along each time before you cut.

I also practised cutting out some bias binding following the instructions on the ‘sleeve’ included with the Shape Cut Slotted Ruler. This worked extremely well, as did cutting out triangles and fringes.

I did manage to cut out some diamonds, I would need more practice at moving the board into place to use the 45 degree and 60 degree cutting lines. I must confess though, I didn’t attempt the hexagons – mainly because I try to avoid anything with hexagons and I would certainly need more confidence is using the slotted ruler first. But practice makes perfect as they say! There is a useful video tutorial available to watch if you prefer this way of learning how to use something new and it has some tips on how to make using it faster and easier.

The size of the ruler only limits you to what size if fabric can be cut, given that it is easy to cut several layers of fabric then it shouldn’t create too much of a problem – they are available in several different sizes so the choice is yours!

So in conclusion, for the discerning quilter this is a fantastic piece of equipment and a reasonable investment to make. This slotted ruler certainly makes it incredibly simple to cut multiple shapes and sizes with ease. I enjoyed using it and was impressed by the accuracy of the cutting. Once again, thank you to EQS for providing with this wonderful June Tailor Shape Cut Slotted Ruler to review.