This webmaster lark is a bit of a laugh from time to time, and an awful lot of hard work keeping everyone and everything in check. Certainly no hidden perks, but from time to time I plan to indulge myself a little and help one or two of my pet loves along the way.

I wanted to tell you all about The Little Yellow Duck Project.   There’s a really important reason for this one too.  They support and promote the need to donate blood, bone marrow, stem cells and organs to help people who have need.  I wish I didn’t need to know this, but my husband has a rare blood cancer, and these things are important to him and me on a daily basis.  Bloodwise, my own personal duck was created by the lovely Em Arfee, who makes the most fabulous Little Yellow Ducks, more often not yellow ones either and sends them to me to release for people to discover.  Bloodwise goes everywhere with me, wearing his UK Quilters United (and now UKQU) colours.  He and I are both Bloodwise Ambassadors helping people understand what having a blood cancer in your life is all about.  He even helped raise money for Bloodwise at the Festival of Quilts last year when he sat guarding the Quilt of Memories (but more of that in a later blog).   His little eyes are so sweet!

This is direct from the LYDP website:

The Little Yellow Duck Project is a global initiative highlighting the life-saving random acts of kindness of blood, bone marrow, and organ and tissue donation. Whilst every random act of kindness has the ability to brighten someone’s day, these donations have the ability to literally save or transform someone’s entire life.

What is the Little Yellow Duck Project?

The Little Yellow Duck Project involves people around the world handcrafting little yellow duck gifts as random acts of kindness that are left in public places for others to find. A special tag on each one invites the finder to take their gift home to brighten their day and to visit the LYDP website to register where they found their gift. We hope that the stories and information found there will encourage them to pledge their own random act of kindness by registering to donate blood, bone marrow, organs and  tissue.

A variety of well-known designers have generously contributed patterns for use by those making items for the LYD Project. A visit to their website will reveal those patterns,  just Look for the Little Yellow Duck Project in Google once you have left the UKQU Website and they will come up.

Here’s a line up made by Em Arfee .. who also made the ones at the head of my Blog.

If you want to help then go to the LYD website and learn all about it.  Each Duck has their own name, and needs a label which you can download along with one of their patterns.  You can craft them from fabric, knit or crochet and there are even machine embroidery versions too.   You can choose your own pattern for the duck, some are less complex than the one Em prefers to make, but let them fly and spread the word.

Its a life saving exercise for sure but one you will surely have fun with too.  Who could resist one of these!  If you are out, and you find a duck, make sure you register the find on the website.  They travel across the world – not just here in the UK – so you never know where you might find one.  And you just might save someones Life.


  1. Sharon Reid

    Oh my!!!
    What a wonderful blog, thank you so very much in blogging about this and bringing to my attention and hopefully to all the others who happen on it. I can assure you I shall be making so many aware of this LYD awareness campaign, an illness that we all dread. For those of us who on the side lines feel helpless in having to sit and watch as loved ones take on a frightening and painful journey, that us fortunate in having good health can only imagine, a little something to feel like we are doing ‘our bit’.
    I cannot wait now until Monday to take patterns to all the ladies in my knitting group and spread the word on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to the quilting groups I hold and attend.
    Believe me I shall even be telling my friends in the pub!
    So very close to my heart.
    LYD will (with considerable re-telling, knitting and sewing) be in abundance in these Somerset towns.
    Off to spread the word.

  2. Frances Robertson

    I love the wee ducks, I never knew that such a wonderful project existed and I’m off now to have a further read.. unfortunately the blood transfusion service no longer visits the western isles as it became not viable with so many ferry cancellations so financially and loss of donated blood in delay getting it back to Inverness