Hi Everybody!!

I hope you’re all well?……

……..there’s too much of this coughing lark going on for my liking, I’ve been laid up with bugs!   I had to cancel going to the Duxford Show before the weather had even kicked in.  Not a jolly thing, but it has allowed me to get on with some design work, hence a new wall hanging pattern in my shop…… and oh so many new ideas!!  I’ve got 2 large-ish quilts in mind and part planned/made, (‘Rubys & Cream’ is first in line due out in June) now I’ve gone and drawn up 5 more small items……like so many others, I so wish we could put more hours in a day…….. for every one idea I take forward there were 50 others I didn’t and for every one I do make there’s at least 50 connotations in my brain, tiz an active brain when it comes to pretties, but ask me to remember normal stuff and it has ‘moments’!

Anyway, for those of you waiting, Block 2 of the Mystery Quilt is now available, I’ll be posting to everyone on or about the 20th March, so those of you needing your kits or patterns please make your purchases, they’re in my shop on this site now.   I’ve also had some template sets made for the Dandelion quilting/embroidery design within block 2….. it doubles as a snowflake!!   (You’ll get a paper copy within your block instructions to anyway, the templates are for those of you who just fancy them!)

Block 1 seems to have been well received, I’m just worrying like a Mother Hen about everyone! (I have no children, you’re all my adoptee chicks!)  You’ve been very quiet in the support group and very few queries have come through.  I’m going to assume that everything is wonderful and that the instructions along with the little videos I made in support of the Bargello bit have done the trick!!???  Please do contact me if you need help!…… (((Terry Prattchet once said, ‘Multiple exclamation marks, are a sure sign of a diseased mind’ (whilst shaking his head)….he obviously never met this quilter!!!  😉 )))

Block 3 of the Dragonfly BOM is also available, again, please go ahead and make your purchases those of you who haven’t already…….thank you!  Photos are looking fab in the support group!

You’ve probably sussed by now, I do like to have a bit of a ramble when I’m writing my blog, my topic this time being how lovely all us quilter are!!

Recently I have had several moments remind me of the great generosity of just about all quilters (and creatives) that I come across in my working world.  Generosity in time, attitude, material (literally on occasion), temperament, thought, action, deed, comment……it goes on and on.  Yes there are a few among us I feel could learn a lot from the masses, but fortunately they are few and far between as a rule.

So here’s a few of the moments from just the last 2 weeks…..all the different folk who thanked me for attending the Harrogate show, they appreciated just how far I’d travelled.  I say, thank you for coming to the show.  You’ve no idea how your comments cheered me, I was ill.  I really shouldn’t have driven all that way, you made it worth it.

…….and for the video of the Harrogate show, not necessarily my best side, but I did laugh!!  https://vimeo.com/257502837?ref=fb-share

The lady who was concerned for my back problem and presented me with a wheeled trolley!

Those who come to class and make me proud with their creations…..and cake!

Those who I get to laugh with, there’s nothing better than laughing for  the soul…..and cake.

For strange topics of conversation……very strange on more than one occasion recently.

……and for crotched snails and Curtis who now lives in my van.

and my doodle Bee Buttons!!…… a surprise within my delivery from Crafty UK,  I didn’t see them straight away amongst my new buttons! (……….soon to be available to all if I have anything to do with it!)

I suppose what I’m trying to say is, continue doing nice stuff for others. It’s the small things that can make such an impact on others, a nice comment, a smile, an acknowledgement is all it takes, you never know where someone is in their life journey.   Remember the written word doesn’t have a facial expression or a tone of voice to clarify your comments, so think before you comment on stuff……and as my Mother taught me, if you’ve nothing nice to say, say nothing at all please.

Have a wonderful time quilting folks!  Thank you all for your ongoing support.

Abbie xxx