Hey all

I know, I know it has been Months since I last blogged. What can I say; my Blogging Tag N.S.F.W. is kinda accurate. Sewing has taken a bit of a back burner recently.

When I saw there was a bloggers mini quilt competition I jumped at the chance of getting my sewing on. I have very eclectic tastes in music. From Mozart to Metallica and many, many genres in between. So I was sure that no matter what song I was given, I would be ok (hopefully).

But I lucked out with my song choice. I got one of the greatest (in my opinion) dance floor filling classics, straight from the 80’s and sung by our best diva, the one and only Madge a.k.a Madonna.

And with that picture you can probably guess the song I was given too.. Don’t just stand there, lets get to it, strike a pose, there’s nothing to it…….

You got it!

After mulling over my options for a few weeks, I simplified my original plans to a workable design. (Whoever thought FMQ the lyrics would be smart!!!). I did try needle turned applique for the first time. The fabric I used was thicker than quilting weight, so the end result is a bit “choppy” but I live and learn. Next time I will do better.

As for the design, it came quite quickly to me. The line “on a cover of a magazine” stuck in my head. So, I decided that my mini quilt should pay homage to the Vogue covers I remember from the lofty days when I bought fashion magazines. I tried to merge the idea of being on a dance floor with dancer silhouettes along with a sense of a magazine cover.

I hope I have done Madonna justice. What do you think?