Quilts for Care Leavers needed some Morsbags to pop their quilts in to be gifted. So when I saw this huge pair of curtains in the local charity shop for £4, I couldn’t resist.

I quickly checked on group info for size needed and did a quick reckie…yep..enough for eight bags.

So after a quick wash and dry I removed the heading tape and blackout lining ( which may or may not come in handy one day) and set to making the bags.

It was a beautiful sunny day and too nice to be indoors, so a work station was quickly set up in the garden.

I cut out all the pieces first and worked assembly line fashion and soon made up eight bags with straps long enough to be carried on the shoulder.

I’ve absolutely no idea where these bags will land up, but this gives me a lot of satisfaction, making something small for someone not so lucky as some of us.

If you want to help the planet by cutting down on plastics..keep your eyes open in your local charity shop and have some fun making up some bright shoppers.