After 6 epic blogs called “Controversial? Moi?” featuring a somewhat tongue in cheek approach to quilting and things you are not allowed to put on pictures of quilts on most international FB pages, blogs or quilting forums, it is now time to move on, after featuring babies, dogs, cats, kittens, ducks & even snakes and geckos. If you missed them they are all HERE…..

I have also done some more sensible and sometimes sad blogs about subjects including Tackling a Moda Scrap Bag, Aid Convoys to Kosovo and the Grenfell Tower disaster. Obviously the silly ones about breaking an Olfa cutting mat, shrink wrapping Christmas trees, and making a festive garland out of sprouts have managed to sneak through the censors! 

I thought I could get away without writing any more blogs or stories, but the “powers that be” at the UKQU website wanted more of my strange stories or ramblings and because they asked nicely I said I would try! I have a butterfly brain which infuriates other people & of course myself, because I jump in a totally irrational barmy manner from one topic to another, in no particular order, and usually frustratingly in mid conversation!

I thought of the name “Marvellous Meandering Musings”, which meant I would not have write stories to be in any particular order, which suited my bonkers thinking and usual haphazard conversation style. I could just write about anything, whenever I felt like it, in no particular order. Phew that’s sorted. I have an old bright blue Citroen C3 Picasso Air Dream. Like me she is long in the tooth, a funny shape, but usually reliable. She was my late 93 yr old mother’s car which used to poodle around North Wales, with my nearly blind frail late father as a non commenting passenger because he could not actually see where they were going! She was new in 2006 and in 2015 had still only done 18,000 miles, and now in 2020 a mere 33,000 miles. She is called Mildred so my new blogs are going to be “Mildred’s Marvellous Meandering Musings”. “MMMM” for short.

Sadly Mildred has not been out meandering anywhere since the end of February because I was one of the “Shielded” vulnerable adults made to stay at home for months and months, and she is somewhat grumpy…. Marginally more grumpy than me….. “So what happened to all the blogs you were going to write about me?”…she said glaring at me through the front window, where she has been parked for months, so as I am fed up with feeling guilty….here we go!

Anyway back to recycling…….. Sylvia Priest did a fabulous blog a while ago about repurposing a pair of jeans into oven gloves. I had some curtains from the 1980’s, that I had made for my flat. They then went to my Mother & Father for their house in Wales when I moved house. I knew I had some Insulbright wadding lurking somewhere, but where? I also had an incredibly vile putrid set of disgusting stained and burnt red polka dot oven gloves that looked at me with disgust every time I go into the kitchen. Burnt because I have forgotten to turn the gas off before attempting to move anything on the stove top! Completely manky because of all the spillages. Just YUK! 

I DID finally find that heat resistant wadding to make some. I made 2 sets in the end. When those wear out I can easily make some more. 

I took the awful pair of old oven gloves & drew round them with a felt tip on the Insulbrite wadding and then used that as a pattern to cut the material out. I sandwiched the layers and quited the long part and the two end pockets. I joined them all together and trimmed of the excess wadding to make it easier to bind. I then made some binding from the rest of the curtain.

I have still got 2 curtains left so I might now make some big “Man Chef Mittens” for my husband to use on the BBQ as well or some Morsbags for shopping! But these curtains are now on their 3rd use, my house, Mum & Dad’s house, and now my house again as oven gloves, so I think they are doing OK triple recycled.

I have also been busy turning some thicker cotton and linen into tea towels, and given a lot to neighbours because a neighbour of mine has had to move permanently into a nursing home and her husband has been bringing round bags and boxes of material from her stash for months now, as he sorts out their house, as it is unlikely that these will ever now be used because sadly she is too frail to ever return home.

This fabric has all been recycled ….. Some into MORS bags which are fabric bags given away for free to shoppers to encourage the move away from plastic bags. A group I make quilts for, which are given to care leavers, were all given a fabric bag in which they take their quilt home in instead of a plastic bag and something they can reuse.

This year more of her fabric has gone to make scrub bags for nurses and care workers so they remove their scrubs at the end of a shift and put them straight into a washing machine still in the bag to stop any cross contamination from clothes they have worn at work. Some of her fabric went to other local sewists to make scrubs for a local Dr’s surgery and masks or face coverings which are given away for free at local mask trees.

All this recycling has brought comfort to my lovely neighbour Dave, knowing that his wife’s hoard has gone on to make useful things for other people and has not just been junked.

Hopefully see you soon for some more “Mildred’s Marvellous Meandering Musings”