Every so often I see something on Facebook and think ‘I could do that’. This was one of those moments.

There’s been a lot of talk about reusing and recycling to reduce the mountain of waste we generate daily, and on top of that I’ve been dieting (1.5 stone gone! Yes, I know, its wonderful!) so I am starting to accumulate a fair pile of clothes that are actually now too big for me. That in itself is marvellous and makes me wish the bags of clothing I donated to the charity shop that were too small were still in the bottom of the wardrobe since I would now have a whole new wardrobe! It’s been so long since I wore them no-one would remember them.

Anyway, I drift off. At the bottom of my wardrobe is still a pile of jeans of a size I won’t mention, but let say there’s a lot of denim to be used. I have seen the denim pictures and would love to be creative enough to do that, but I am not, so thought about a denim rag quilt, which doesn’t have any appeal for me. Then, there it was. Oven gloves.

Ok, ok, perhaps not so inspiring as a denim picture, but if you saw the state of the oven gloves I want to replace you would understand my glee.  If you are of a ‘certain’ age you might also understand how precious certain pairs of jeans can become, and how hard it is to give them up.

It looked easy enough in the picture I saw on FB. First I needed to order insulbright to make sure my fingers don’t burn when lifting things from the oven. So I had an impatient day or two spent waiting for that to arrive. I had already chopped an A4 piece from the back of one leg for another project, but since I have had these jeans for some time old and they are a baggy style there’s plenty to use.

As ever, I prevaricated over how to make the OG’s. {By now I had watched too many episodes of Line of Duty, and if you watch this series you will realise they always use acronyms]. There was something niggling at me and I could not quite put a hand to it.

The insulbright arrived and I decided to give it a go. Great. So I realised just what was niggling me. The plan was to cut the lengths of the leg, using the back pockets from the jeans as the mitten ends, but the fact is they would be facing the wrong way around, rendering the OG’s useless. So, after a sleepless night toying with ideas and beginning to think it would be easier to order a new pair from Amazon, I woke with a lightbulb moment [which you have likely reached before me] — chop them off and turn them around! With a spare half an hour before I needed to leave for work, I nipped up to the sewing room and did just that. I used red thread, mostly because that was what the machine had loaded to it.  It works too.   I used a flat seam to replicate the look of the jeans.

I will not bore you with the making of them … they are simple enough to make if you know what you are at with sewing, which I imagine the majority reading this will be. They did lay on the ironing board for a couple of days as work took up my time, but over the May bank holiday I quilted the centre of them for effect and added a couple of patches in reverence to my misspent youth when patched jeans were fashionable.  They are finished off with cotton binding for easy sewing.

There’s little left of the jeans .. which will go to a mate who stuffs dog beds with scraps.

All in all a great recycling job and money saved for more fabric spends later. I have seen a fashion statement for ‘thong’ jeans, but I think that might be taking recycling step too far … don’t you.


  1. Teresa Barrow

    I know I have some insulbright lurking somewhere, but where? I also have an incredibly vile disgusting set of stained and burnt OG’s that look at me with disgust every time I go into the kitchen. Burnt because I have forgotten to turn the gas off before anything comes out of the oven to go on the stove top! I WILL find that heat resistant wadding to make some, but just which box is it in? If I do find it I might make some big “Man Chef Mittens” for DH to use on the BBQ as well!

  2. Judith Clarke

    Brilliant, and saved from landfill. My Local charity shop takes all my tiny scraps. They weigh them and send to the scrap man. All good. I recently used old jeans on a quilt challenge and sent a dangerous pocket off to an exhibition . Love your OG.