This is the third Silesian template review in the series. Please read the first review….. if you have not already done so, this explains how to use the rulers.

You’ll find the review here – you can also find out more information on the website

This time I’m exploring the hexagon templates, once again, like the heart template this comes in two parts, the outer section which fits inside the FMQ 5 Grip, and then a 4 ½” hexagon 

The hexagon template inserted into the FMQ  Grip 5
This image shows the hexagon inserted into the surround

I inserted the outer section into the FMQ 5 Grip and then stitched out the hexagon shape, when I reached the beginning I simply moved the template and stitched another above the first hexagon. This, like the heart template, could be repeated many times by stitching back along a previous stitched line to get where you need to be next. It’s very easy to restitch a line when using templates as they are anchored to the fabric and don’t move.

Sample 1  was stitched from the centre point of the two hexagons

My next sample was the double hexagon, this was worked firstly with the outer section then when it was stitched I used the separate hexagon template to stitch around. I think this gives a nice framework For further stitching. I can see  free motion quilting on the inside section, but you could also do some quilting in between the two shapes to make the centre pop out. Lots of options.


A good framework for further stitching

Next I marked 8 lines as a guide for the templates. I started in the centre with a corner of the template and lined up the opposite corner with a drawn line, I stitched around the template back to the centre, I moved the top of the template to the next line and repeated the stitching process until all 8 sections were complete. I live how this turned out a lovely design and also very useful. I have left my lines for you to see.

I love this, a few wobbly bits, but happy with this sample

I like to get value for money with my rulers so decided to see what other shapes I could get, I drew a straight line and stitched using only two sides. I had to remember the stitching was ¼” away from the template so had to take that into consideration when placing the ruler, but that was quite straightforward. I stitched 3 half diamond shapes using the straight line as a guide, then reversed the process and stitched back up to the beginning.

A bonus design from the hexagon template

My last sample was to create a simple diamond star, I drew the four compass point and again began in the centre, I lined up the top of the next section on a line and stitched just two of the sides, the template was slid over to the other side and I stitched back down to the centre. This was repeated on all four drawn lines. Next time I’ll draw some more lines.

I like this, and can see lots of opportunities to play with this shape.

I have to say the these Silesian Templates really do work well, they are stable, easy to hold and don’t move when you’re working with them. The prices are extremely good and the rulers are very versatile.

Margaret will be demonstrating on her stand at Festival of Quilts in Birmingham NEC this weekend, You’ll find her at stand G20, why not pop along and see her. She’ll be very happy to show you how to use them. I plan on visiting Margaret and look forward to seeing which others in the range might just make their way into my luggage for my homeward journey.

If your not going to FOQ you can find her Templates on her website also in her shop at

If you see me at FOQ, please stop me and say hello, I’ll be wearing my badge.

Hope to see many of you over the weekend.

Carol Munro


  1. jacquiel

    I’m really looking forward to getting my starter bits for my birthday next month. I bought it while at FoQ and just wish I’d bought more shapes. I’ve watched the video on YouTube this morning but didn’t understand a word lol