How lucky were we this last Bank Holiday with not one but two local quilt shows within a half hour drive? A bonus that one was on Friday and Saturday and the other on Sunday and Monday! It couldn’t have been planned better if they had organised the days between themselves.

Friday Show

First show on the Friday and Saturday was Quantock Quilters, home where the stitching is carried out is in the village of Nether Stowey. This being their first show and all participants were in a state of high anxiety! After 7 years of running it was a show that all 18 members can be proud to have put on, with many of them being complete beginners in the early days. Not only quilts on show but a small room where there was demonstrations from some of the members and this included card making, spinning, knitting, needle turn applique to name a few. A well-stocked sales table could also be found, selling handmade wares and items from stashes that were no longer required and a few pieces of vintage hexagons on a ‘make me an offer’ sale.


Peggy Gear – Spring is here

After a leisurely walk around the hall taking in all the loveliness it was nice to be able to sit with a drink and cake and admire the quilts hanging directly in front of the seating area. Later on in the day there was even soup and roll on offer for those visiting around lunch time. A lovely few hours spent talking to many you knew and those you didn’t but we all share the same hobby and love to discuss it.

This show was doubly enjoyable in that I was picked up and taken by a newly made acquaintance from the UKQU Facebook pages, she lives in an adjacent village and has to pass my door to go to the show, with a few messages back and forth we agreed to travel together. Eileen, I later learned, had at one time her own quilting shop and we found we had many ladies from the quilting world in common in our list of who we know. My children could also breath again knowing that I didn’t get murdered by a stranger picking me up!

All proceeds of the show were going to the St Giles Animal Rescue and raising around £1,500.

Quantock Quilters meet (most) Monday afternoons 14:00-17:00. 2nd Mondays of month meetings are from 10:00 – 16:00. Heading up this group is Gill Griffiths and the group are affiliated with the quilters guild, region 5.

Beverly HIrchfield

Monday Show

Bank Holiday Monday and another show to pop along and marvel at all the loveliness shown and support all these lovely quilters. This time it was in Corfe, Somerset (not to be mixed up with Corfe in Dorset), this group of ladies put on a show every two years and this year they had the added bonus of being involved in BBC Radio Bristol quiz, where listeners have to guess where the reporting will be coming from. Plenty of exposure and advertising for this group of ladies resulted in plenty of visitors over their two days and raising just shy of £3,000 for their charity Freewheelers.

Here I was exceptionally lucky in winning 3 bags from the bag tombola stall; this is probably due to having never won before when visiting their show! The main draw prizes were made up of many quilts that had been started by a member of the group, Joyce Anning, who sadly passed away before completing her quilts, therefore the group pulled together and finished many of her quilts for this show and the raffle.On turning a corner you came across their very own chicken farm, this was a display of patchwork chickens that most of the group had made and were positioned along the window sill and ladder. This certainly made you smile!


Joyce Anning, Completed by Lin Fry and  sold for charity

On turning a corner you came across their very own chicken farm, this was a display of patchwork chickens that most of the group had made and were positioned along the window sill and ladder. This certainly made you smile!


Again a lovely sales table and a table full of used magazines together with a vast selection of cakes to go with your drink. A lovely day weather wise where you could go out into the adjacent park area and sit and enjoy the sunshine.

Lin Fr
Pauline Collins – A Country Walk

A huge well done to both groups of quilters, they made a bank holiday battling the holiday traffic worthwhile in the fantastic displays they put on for many like minded quilters, partners and friends and congratulations of raising so much money for the chosen charities.

Apologies to all concerned for not getting all the names of quilts and makers, enjoying the shows far to much to take picture reminders of information.

Jill Fisher – Daisies Galore


  1. Maggie Attfield

    They were both excellent shows, I agree. A very good showing and variety at both. Next year you will have Apple County instead, as we alternate with Corfe. Let’s hope Quantock make it a regular thing-Gill Griffiths is a UKQU member!

    1. Sharon Reid Post author

      Thank you Maggie, you will have to supply me with all the dates and info for your show, I can the put in my diary and advise the ladies who attend my groups here and in the shop. My other half enjoys Corfe, he buys the paper, walks into the garden and find a table and chair, I get him a drink and a cake and he’s happy while I wander the show!! Such hard work by all.

  2. Teresa Barrow

    Sharon ….Fabulous report of 2 shows I wish I could have gone to, had they been nearer or if I had transport. Quantock Quilters are amazing for their first show, they should be immensely proud. How lovely that other group quilters at Corfe finished off Joyce Anning’s lovely work in her memory after her death to be a focal point of the show & fundraising & as for those Chooks, I would have rehomed all of them!!

    1. Sharon Reid Post author

      Teresa I was privileged to watch one of Joyce’s quilts get finished as one of the ladies goes to a group I attend, it was lovely watching it get finished and to know that someone had bought it prior to finishing and the show. The Chooks definitely made you smile when you turned the corner! I like to get the dates of these shows in my diary asap so I can work around them and not missed it!! Thank you for commenting.