Christmas is traditionally red and green, I’m sure we all remember having a green tree and the tree lights with flower covers that had to be checked every year for that one bulb that died and stopped the whole thing from working, shiny decorations and handfuls of gold tinsel. Nowadays trees come in all different colours and lights tend to be white, and baubles come in packs of a single colour rather than a rainbow so you can choose what colour your Christmas will be.

Christmas colours have evolved so much that now you can buy rainbow trees!

From Asda, if you’re interested!

This year I’ll be going with white, blue and silver, with some gorgeous fabrics to make a tree skirt and wallhangings from this range by Northcott, called ‘Starry Night’ It’s an older range but similar things come out every year. (See below) A white tree, white lights and blue baubles, lots of deer statues in white and silver…

I also have a green tree and coloured multicoloured baubles and I use them on alternate years!

I do much like the Scandi ranges too, predominantly grey or red they are now available everywhere for stylish Christmas runners, quilts and advent calendars. You can’t go in a fabric shop now without tripping over some Scandi, I’d love to see a tree dressed up in this theme.

by Nina Danielsson

But let’s look at some of this year’s offerings from the fabric companies. Given the entire range of colours available, what did they decide to go with for 2019?

Moda’s Christmas offering ‘The Christmas Card’ is vintage colours with a modern vibe, red and green in ombre shades. This is my favourite because of the ombre, ooo the possibilities!

Makower have gone with ‘Merry Christmas’, with teal as their predominant colour, and are lining up the Scandi red and grey for Christmas 2020. I have to say though, this is still red and green!

Dashwood have brought out these these three colourways for their advent panel, and the middle one has me at an absolute loss..

Northcott have a gorgeous ‘White Christmas’ range in white and greens this year, but I think that’s more hopeful than realistic. 😉  Still, it’s very nice, I might need some. I could do white and green next year…

Alexa tells me we probably shan’t see snow until January. And that the last white Christmas was in 2010. So don’t get too excited.

I didn’t have any snow at all last year (slap bang in the centre of England)  so I’m not holding my breath.

Bernatex have stuck with their popular ‘Catitude’ range and brought out a Christmas version! Christmas and cats… hmm… It is very pretty though and has metallic accents but there’s still a lot of red and green in it.


Andover’s ‘Deck the Halls’ Is super traditional, red green and gold, it doesn’t get much more Christmassy than this.




So it seems like a fairly traditional Christmas from the designers this year, lots of red and green there. Next year I’d like to see some black and white Christmases, black trees are super stylish (but not what you want if you have kiddies coming round) or how about peacock colours? Purple. I vote for a purple Christmas. 

What colour is your Christmas this year?


  1. Maggie Attfield

    Very thought provoking! There are some lovely fabrics there, they got me thinking….? Do I go up to raid my stash for the lovely red panel I have, or do I pray my other half doesn’t have a bright idea and decorate the house while I am out? Hnhmmm,….