Achoo!………..I’m off sick with a chest infection…cough, cough, splutter, splutter….achoo!

The thing I’d like to do most is get up there and finish the thing I was working on before I took to my bed. But I’m not going to. You know how you feel, and you know what you can do, but if you’re making something complicated and you’re feeling badly, then it’s so much more likely that you’ll make a mistake, and you might not even realize until you’ve compounded the error. You’ll get fabric dust up your nose and sneezes all over your beloved sewing machine.

How to sew something amazing when you’re feeling poorly? Don’t!

Instead, look through your lovely quilting magazines, browse through your books, do a little online fabric retail therapy (not too much!), browse this great new website for inspiration and get some rest.

Get well soon x


  1. Jo Graham

    As frustrating as it is, this is so true and such a great tip. I totally agree with Alison.
    I have not done any sewing since Xmas eve, when I finally finished my great nephews quilt.
    The reason??? A picked up a bad case of the flu, which has left me bed bound for 6 days, and now house bound
    VERY frustrating seeing as I received lots of lovely sewing related gifts from Santa that I want to use!
    Get well soon Alison
    Regards, Jo x