Dread having to bury all those threads after quilting? A self-threading needle will save you loads of time and it simply won’t be the chore it once was.

A ‘self-threading needle’ has a cut made in the top of the eye that allows the thread to be easily pulled into the eye without having to spend all that time threading it.


Step 1. Pull your top thread through to the bottom. (You can tie both threads into a knot if you wish)

2) Hold the threads together around your forefinger and thumb and bring the top of the self-threading needle up underneath the threads so that they lie over the cut at the top of the eye.

3) Give a sharp pull down on the threads so they ‘click’ into the eye.

4) Put your needle point into the last stitch and travel within the quilt sandwich before exiting. If you knotted the threads, give a little ‘tug’ to pull the knot into the sandwich too.

5) Cut your threads.


  1. RosemaryC

    Personally I found these would shred the thread more often than not when I used them. I am however the pleased owner of some Spiral Eye needles which work in a similar fashion (without the shredding) and they are excellent.