Did you ever wanted to stitch something onto your work, but needed the guidance of a drawn line and didn’t know how to get the lines onto a fabric?

There are lots of tools and pens which you can use to mark your fabric, but sometimes it’s difficult to mark dark fabric or you may have tried to mark your fabric and the mark didn’t really go off. There are still a couple of options:

My favourites two are light coloured backing fabric or tissue paper.

If it’s difficult to mark the front of the fabric, you might still be able to use light coloured backing (especially if it’s a wall hanging) Trace the design onto your backing fabric, use the thread you want to have on the top of your work in the bobbin and do all the sewing from the back. Do a little test run to check that your stitching looks as good underneath as it does on the top.

Tracing the design  onto a light coloured backing

Another option you might have is using a tissue paper. Trace the design onto a tissue paper and place it on the top or bottom of your work, whichever way it’s more convenient. Stitch through the tissue paper and all the fabric underneath, the stitch will perforate the paper making it easier to remove. The smaller your design it, the harder it will be to remove the paper, but it works!

Using a tissue paper 

These are not going to work on every project, but keeping these at the back of your mind might save you one day a bit of a headache.

Do you have your favourite technique to transfer a design onto a difficult fabric? Please share it with us in the comments.

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  1. Sue Burford

    Great idea working freom the back! never thought of that. Have tried the tissue paper and it worked well, but a bit of a fag tearing it away after. Will definitely try working from the back – Thanks Vendulka x