The Rocking stitch is the most common method of hand quilting, and once mastered produces beautiful results. If you are struggling to produce neat even stitches, then watch how Carolyn Gibbs breaks the process into steps in this short video.


It does take practice – see how Carolyn’s stitches improved on the first project she ever hand quilted:

A bit more practice, and maybe this is what you too could achieve:



    1. Carolyn Gibbs Post author

      I use a hoop. Mine is on a stand, and can swivel round but for a first try, I would suggest an ordinary quilting hoop about 14″ across. This is what I take on holiday – and I find the most comfortable way to hold it is to lean the left hand side on a table or the arm of your chair, and the right hand side on your lap (assuming you are right handed). Wall hanging sounds a good size to try hand quilting – hope you enjoy it!

    1. Carolyn Gibbs Post author

      Size 8 betweens. These are quite small but strong, which is what works for the rocking stitch, as you don’t need to move your hand up and down as far as you would with a longer needle. Some quilters use even smaller ones!