One of the thrills of being asked to review a product is that you’re never quite sure what will be coming in the post. The last thought that went through my mind was that I hoped it wasn’t a thimble!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against thimbles. I have need of them often, but I’ve never found one I was comfortable using. If I wear a hole in my finger, I get a fabric plaster and make do. I need to be able to feel the fabric in my fingers, a thimble just stops the right signals getting through to my brain.

With this in mind, you can imagine my thoughts when I was sent Under Thimble to try. I’d never heard of these before, and I was going to try my hardest not to let the word thimble put me off.

The Under Thimble is made by Colonial and has been designed for the protection of the stitcher’s under hand. As I have experienced the excruciating pain of stabbing my finger through a quilt many times, this was something I was happy to try.

To be able to put the Under Thimble to the test, I had to quickly put together something to quilt. I thought I’d do a whole cloth quilting design, big enough to do a cushion cover. It was something quick to put together and could easily be quilted in the hand.

How did I find it? I was actually quite impressed. It fits really well on the end of my middle finger and felt secure. The under thimble is a metal disc and comes with double sided adhesive pads. This goes on the underneath of the disc which then sticks onto the end your finger. The hold is surprisingly secure. I found it didn’t interfere with my stitching, I was still able to feel my way quite easily. The only snag I had was when my thread lassoed around the disc whilst stitching.

While I was stitching, I did wonder about the cost of replacing the adhesive pads. If you had to replace them every stitching session, it could prove to be an expensive luxury. However, you can reuse each one several times. Replacements come in packs of 8 and varies depending on suppliers from about £2.75 to just under £4. The under thimble comes with 8 adhesive pads and costs around £6.

EQS supply these to suppliers throughout the UK so you should be able to find them quite easily. Any trouble and you will be able to find a stockist here.

So the question is, will I continue to use the under thimble? I think the answer to that is yes, especially as I have some big hand quilting projects coming up. Have you tried them?  What did you think? Is it something you’ll continue to use?