I was so excited to be asked to review the Thimble Pad.

I get a really sore finger when sewing binding on or doing EPP. Which in turn limits the amount of hand sewing I can do. I’ve tried plastic thimbles and even a Sterling silver thimble but I just find them too uncomfortable.

This is what my finger looks like after it was pierced with the needle eye after sewing on binding 3 weeks ago. And you can’t really sew properly when your fingers bleeding can you?

So the Thimble Pad, well it basically is a small suede/leather circle which sticks on your finger wherever you need it.

The packet says

‘So comfortable, you’ll forget it’s there’….. and yes I did!

‘Use each pad again and again’….. and yes I have!

‘Keep a ThimblePad handy by sticking it to any hard surface’….. and yes I did!

I absolutely loved this, and would definitely buy it, I can’t rate it highly enough.

I used one pad over 30 times, and it’s still sticky. I forgot it was there and washed my hands whilst wearing it, and it stayed stuck, and I used it many times afterwards. I stuck it to the side of a plastic box I had some EPP in, and it was easy to remove and stick back on my finger.


My finger, three weeks after piercing with a needle.   Ouch .. it was sore.


You can see by comparison the depth of the thimble pad here.

This picture shows me using the thimble pad to push the needle through my work.

I have included a size indication here for you to appreciate just how small they are.

They work for multiple uses .. here’s the sticky side after many uses, and still sticky

And here’s the top side after a lot of use too

I did not wear it out, in actually fact it’s getting stickier each time I wear it now. I think it’s time to start a new one as some of the adhesive is still on my finger when I remove it – like when you’ve worn a fabric plaster for a while. Maybe it would last longer if I hadn’t have washed my hands whilst it was on, as that was in the early days. Also I have very dry hands and use a lot of hand cream, I know that I stuck it on my finger one time after just applying hand cream.

All in all this has a big thumbs up, or should I say Finger.

Thanks for reading, and if you buy them, let us know how you feel about them.

Chris Cross




  1. Sue Burford

    Thank you Chris. I bought a pack of these because of your Product Review. THEY ARE BRILLIANT!!! They are everything you said… they work, they stay put and, yes, you can wash your hands and they still work. Best £8 I have spent in a long time.