I wanted to make a quilt for a dear friend who is not very well, and had the idea of making a type of Postcard from Sweden quilt, but using a layer cake, and called my version  ‘Hugs from Cornwall’ which is where I live.

I chose a Bella Solid Layer Cake from Moda “30’s Colour Theme” which I purchased from The Sewing Studio in Redruth and I must say I do use that shop a lot.

Let me show you how it did it.

First pair up the squares mixing colours that you don’t think would go together, it will surprise you when complete, trust me. Once you have done that you will need to draw a line across from one corner to the opposite corner see pic below. Make sure you hold your pen/pencil at a 45 degree angle for an accurate line – it’s easy to let the ruler slip if you are not careful.

Now sew 1/4″ either side of the line. I found it easier to do this in the chain piecing method. doing one side then the other side.


When you have done that stage, you can cut down the line you have drawn on all your blocks and press open. Now you need to square up (or block)  your squares to the same size as your smallest square. I went for 9.1/4″ in the end.


Now comes the bit that I found the hardest, deciding which order to lay your blocks out. Try not to put the same colour adjacent to each together, but opposite on the diagonal is fine. Check your layout before you start to sew the rows together so that your are happy with the colours.   My version is six squares across and seven rows down, but you can make it whatever size you like once you get started.


At this point  decide if you would like to add a border or not – its a matter of personal choice. As you see from the next photo I didn’t as I wanted it to be used as a cuddle throw for my friend to use, ( I did not use the word quilt here as it has two layers not three). I bagged it with fleece,  putting right sides together and sewed all the way round using 1/4″ seam, leaving a gap and remember to trim the corners before you turn out.  I kept my quilting really simple, taking the diagonal across each corner and turning it each time.   Here’s what the completed cuddle throw looked like.  Lovely and snuggly.

This is a very easy way to quilt your quilt using your walking foot and there is only four ends to sew in at the end, if you are quilting a square quilt you will have four more end to sew in, but still a lot less then every end.

I have included a diagram to help you understand the directions of the quilting lines.

Thank you for reading my Blog. Now to think of something for you all next month since I don’t always have the time to make a quilt every month of course.    Any suggestions on what you would like to see would be appreciated, so please, leave a comment.