Following on from last months Strippy Pot Holder. (Link at bottom of page if any of you missed that)

Still using my strippy scraps, this month I’m making a Rather Classy Strippy Cushion.

Strippy-cushion UKQU  Joyofquilting 

I picked out some brown and cream scraps from my stash.

I cut two and a half inch strips approx. 19″ in length.

You can alter the width or the strips. Your finished piece just needs to be approx 19″ Square if you are using a 12 1/2″ Square Ruler.

Mine Stitched together to create a piece approx. 19″ Square

Place the 19″ Square onto a piece of wadding just slightly bigger than your top piece.

Add some quilting. I machine quilted using my walking foot and a few basic ‘fancy’ stitches. Stitching In the Ditch.

In fact this is giving me an idea for my next Blog Post. Using Fancy Stitches for Machine Quilting.

Now using my twelve and a half inch square ruler. I placed it diagonally on the square. And cut off the excess leaving you with a fabulous looking diagonal strippy cushion top.

Next cut a piece for the back of the cushion. Just cut it larger than the cushion front.

Lay your quilted cushion top right sides together on top of the backing fabric.

Pin and Stitch all around (5/8″ is good for this) leaving an opening to turn you cushion through.

Cut away excess backing fabric.

Turn through and give it a press to give the edge definition.

I hand stuffed my cushion. Then hand stitched the opening closed.

And there you have it. A Rather Classy Strippy Cushion. Made from your scraps!

Please feel free to share this post.

And if you do feel inspired to make your own Rather Classy Strippy Cushion, I’d love to see your pictures. It is quick and easy, honest!

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Strippy Potholders UKQU  Joyofquilting 

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