Hi all

I was recently asked to review a notion kindly donated by EQS. This “Add-A-Quarter-Plus” ruler by CM Designs.

Its packaging claims to “Simplify Foundation Piecing”. Well if you are anything like me, the thought of Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP) scares the living “what-zit” out of me. Previous attempts at FPP have been awful and I was firmly in the No FPP please camp. A the same time thought I have been obsessed for months (ok ….. years!!) with the New York Beauty Blocks.

So as I had this notion, I thought it was finally time to try and break my bad FPP ju-ju and have a go. To start I rewatched the video I had saved for just this occasion, and I was off.

I downloaded and printed FPP templates from one of the many free template sites I found. After cutting each template out, I selected some batiks to use for this trial. I chose batiks for two reasons. Firstly I like the look of New York Beauty blocks made up in batiks but also (and probably more importantly) they don’t have a wrong side. This way I could test the ruler without my shabby FPP skills getting in the way.

Step 1. Trimming the first piece
Step 2. Trimming the second piece

So far so good, the ruler made cutting a quarter inch easy. The ruler had a lip along one edge. This meant that I could butt it tight against the paper to ensure accuracy.

Finished section of FPP

It took a while to be confident that my work was coming together. In a surprisingly quick time the first piece was finished. And didn’t look half bad! (if I do say so myself). The other block pieces came together similarly well. Now for my next “Achilles Heel”, curved piecing.

Unpressed finished block. The curves need work but the FPP is darn near  perfect (in my humble opinion)

The final block needs pressing and the curve needs a bit of work, but I think overall the FPP part of the block looked a lot better than my previous attempts. The only difference between this block and previous ones was this Ruler.

As such, I would not hesitate in giving this ruler a very strong 10 out of 10! My bad FPP ju-ju has gone, and I feel confident now to try other FPP blocks, maybe even with some fussy cutting!!!