Hi I am Mary from Patchwork Dreamer, welcome to my less than tidy Patchwork life. This month I have been making fabric boxes to put fat quarters in. They are four layers so my fat quarters will be kept very warm! I made this up, there is properly a much quicker easier way to do it but this works for me. If you would like to make one you are going to need:-

Outer fabric 28cms off the bolt

Lining fabric 28cms off the bolt

Interlining 28cms off the bolt (you don’t need this if you are happy to quilt with wadding next to your machine) I just used some old curtain lining I had lying around.

Wadding 28cms off the bolt Or scraps from other projects.

Cutting instructions

Outer fabric, lining and interlining

4.5” x 6.5” two of (Front and back)

4.5” x 8.5” two of (Sides)

6.5” x 8.5” one of (Base)


4” by 6” two of

4” x 8” two of

6” x 8” one of

Sewing instructions

Start with the lining fabric, use a quarter an inch seam, sew the front to a side and a back to a side sew together to create a loop make sure you alternate the shot and long lengths. Press the seams open.

Put the base on by right sides together matching the edge of the fabric with the base piece, one seam at a time pin as required.

Only sew from the centre of the seam, leave a quarter inch at the start and the end stitch free.

Now you can turn to the next seam and do as above again, starting and stopping on the centre of the tube seams. Continue all the way around in this fashion. It is better to stop/start a little short than a little over.

You should end up with something that looks like this.

Put this to one side because now we are going to do the fun bit. Sandwich the outer fabric, wadding and interlining (if you are using it) The wadding is meant to be smaller it will make life easier later on. You can pin or spray 505 to hold it all together but the pieces are so small you really don’t need to.

Now have some fun, practice your free motion quilting. Play with those fancy stitches you have on your machine and never use. Try out some different threads. What ever you do quilt all four sides and the base.

Once you have all of your pieces quilted put together in the same way as you did the lining. Follow the outer fabric for the quarter inch seam, don’t worry if the interlining fabric has moved and it does not catch into the seam. This is all going to be hidden. With a bit of luck you should not be stitching wadding into your seam, if you are trim it back a little.

Turn right side out and pop in the lining fabric, pin in the four corners. You may wish to put a stitch in the bottom corners (I don’t bother)

Back to the fabric you put to one side, from this cut a two and a quarter inch strip to make your binding. Fold in half and stitch on.


Pin or wonder clip the binding over.

Hand or machine stitch into place.

And there you have it.  It will hold about 36 fat quarters (you could squeeze a few more in)

Let me know how you get on or even better show me a picture of your boxes.

Next month I plan on talking you through how to make a quilt stand, well my hubby will tell me how he did it and I will tell you!!!

Happy Patchwork Dreams Mary