I have been given a sample of Gutermann 100% cotton thread on a cone to test on my HandiQuilter Longarm machine.

I have used Guterman threads for as long as I can remember on my domestic machine but not used it on my longarm until now.  I will be upfront and honest here and say that I don’t normally use cotton threads on my longarm as I find them really linty as they run through the machine at a high speed and can on occasions snap quite easily.

Having said that on the machine went the cone of red thread (Col 2074)  and a scrap piece of calico and I began stitching with the machine in regulated mode and found the thread to behave beautifully, creating good stitches.  So now for a bigger test.  I put it into manual and set the speed of the machine at 75% of its maximum.  I was surprised to find that it still ran very well and stitched really nicely.  So nudge the speed up more, and it was still the same.

I stitched for about 20 minutes altogether with the thread and after a while it was obvious that lint was starting to build up, as expected I have to say because it is cotton. However the stitches continued to be good with no breaks, even at a very small size stitch or long stitch.

This is the lint gathering around the hopping foot and from inside the bobbin area after that 20 minutes, which means you would have to clean the area on a more regular basis, but you need to do that with cottons anyway, its just one of those things we have to put up with in order to use cotton thread.

Would I use it again? Yes I would when the project calls for a cotton thread to be used.


  1. Anne Burke

    This is a really useful and helpful review Lynda, because it would never have occurred to me to ask for the long arm service to use cotton – I had assumed that they always did. Now I know to always ask.

    Gutterman makes quite a lot of fluff on my Juki domestic – although not so much that cannot be easily cleaned at the end of each of my (smallish) projects. I really like the Aurifil threads for piecing, and one of the reasons is that they make so little mess, last so long, and stitch so neatly even on the tiniest of stitches x

    1. Lynda Jackson Post author

      Hi Anne, You may have to ask any longarmer which threads they use as not all use cotton or have it in stock. Some will not use it because of the lint, and as you say, you prefer a thread that makes little mess and that is often the reason why they also do not use it.