I have made several Thread Catchers over the past years and non of them have been that successful.

When I saw this idea on the main Facebook page, I just had to make one….. it is really cheap, and easy to make and it works!


I asked Yvonne Kearton if I could ‘steal’ her idea and share it on here!!

You will need a piece of quilt wadding (I used 80/20 Hobbs cotton/polyester) and an odd piece of fabric about 2 inches bigger all round.

Method:  Place the wadding centrally on the wrong side of the fabric, bring over edges of fabric and stitch down enclosing wadding. Threads can be just lifted off your work space, at the end of your sewing session, so less bits on the floor!

I keep it on my lap whilst sewing so the loose threads go on the mat instead of my clothes!!

Give it a try…..


  1. Sharon Reid

    That would be great to hang over the arm of the chair in the evenings, hopefully I’ll then walk around with less thread hanging from my clothes and most of it on one of these. Also to keep one in my bag for back and forth to groups. The smallest of things………………………………………Thanks Sue.