A few years ago I had the opportunity to have some curtain fabric sample books. I managed,with some difficulty, to remove all the sticky back, and stored them, colourways, in a few boxes and there they stayed for a few years.

My daughter was getting rid of a tub chair and asked me if I would like it before it was taken to the dump.

I’d always admired patchwork chairs, so thought this would be a great chance to use up those fabric samples.

Thinking that hubby may not approve of yet another patched piece in the home, there is a lot, I decided on the pinks and greens with the intention of a sewing chair for my workroom.

It was a very hot summer day, so I was able to audition the fabrics out on the lawn to plan the covers.


I then did a little search on videos and adapted it to patchwork.This is the end result…

I was delighted with the end result and when I showed Hubby he said…’Lovely…that would look lovely in the conservatory’…don’t you just love em!!

I really enjoyed doing this that I picked up another secondhand tub chair….

And patched it to go in the lounge…

If you would like to recycle an old tub chair, as long as the old covers are removable, there is a pattern on ukqu.co.uk