I’ve been wanting to make one of these Jelly Roll Rugs for some time now, so when  https://www.sewdrops.co.uk/  were offering 25% off their products, I snapped it up…buying an extra couple of plain fqs to avoid paying p&p….free delivery over£25!

I then resorted to You Tube and lots of videos popped up when I searched Jelly Roll Rugs. There were a few variations so, with a vague idea, it was time to dive in.

I had lots of off cuts of wadding so set to work, stripping 2″ wide streamers. (They say 2.5″ but 2″ worked well). I didn’t  bother to join them.

First you need to join all forty strips diagonally trim and press open…snip ‘ears’ off.


The start was straight forward just folding the edges in to the centre then fold in half and stitch close to the edge. Because of the bulk they advise using a ‘Jeans’ needle…I tried this but found it too thick to penetrate through all the thickness, so resorted to a size 9 needle. I upped the stitch length to 3.5 and I was away. One video stitched halfway across, but I didn’t want too much stitching showing so stitched close to the edge knowing the next row of zig zag stitches would cover the straight stitching.

It eventually grew into a long snake…


To relieve the monotony I started the joining together and then returned to snake making when it run out. The start was quite tricky as they don’t show everything on YouTube for obvious reasons, but by twisting the ends round for the first two turns, I was away.

This was quite time consuming and I made slow progress. Evidently you can buy a slider to help keep the edges turned in…I made my own…just cut approx 1″ letterbox hole in a piece of card.

This worked well…




Using a zig zag stitch it soon took shape.




To finish, you need to taper the wadding and fabric…



I had no trouble with the rug waving due to having an extension table, a few piles of books would work well if you haven’t got one.

I also realised halfway round that my running stitches were on the outside, instead of inside as some recommended, but I carried on regardless and quite liked the machined outside edge when finished, and I also just wonder if this contributed to it staying flat.

Be warned this not a quick make, I was quite surprised how much length is needed, after all a Jelly Roll is approximately the width of a football pitch!

Really pleased with it and it will brighten my bathroom beautifully, fun to make, give it a go!