Mr and Mrs chair covers.

This week I have been looking back over old photos and I found the ones I took of the things I made for my sons wedding and it made me think of the things we do for love.  We have all done them  haven’t we? Anything to do with crafts and we get stuck right in.

Everyone joined in the fun of creating things for the wedding so we all had set tasks dished out. The Mr and Mrs quilted chair covers was the first thing I tackled and it was relatively easy to design the motifs, applique them and quilt them but…. the chairs were in Germany (where the wedding was going to be) and I was in the UK.  My future Daughter in Law was very good and made drawings, took measurements and consulted with her mother and grandmother on colours.  The wedding colours were deep red and green so the chairs were decorated accordingly and the background fabric was a pale sparkly green that would not clash with the wedding dress.   The motives have since been made into cushion covers as a memory of the day.


Next on the list was a 100 plus napkins and napkin holders. Easy peasy I can hear you say but it got so tedious that at some point I gave up the will to live. The bride and groom are both musicians so it was lovely to find music fabric to use for napkin holders even though the bride did point out that the music didn’t make sense (awkward when a lot of the guests were professional musicians).  

Several babies were coming to the wedding so instead of napkins for them I made bibs which were really cute. and they looked lovely on the table next to their goodie bags.  They were finished off with plastic snappers and were reversible. with red fabric one side and music fabric on the other.

During the wedding ceremony  the bride and grooms hands were going to be wrapped in a ribbon and I made this out of white cotton fabric but decorated each end with a Trinity knot and red Swarovski crystals.  This is probably the bit I enjoyed most and it is something they have kept.

With the wedding being planned between Cheshire, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Germany it was amazing that everything came together so well.  Everything on the day looked so well coordinated.

A bit of fun was dressing Stonny, a little animal that lives with the bride and groom (he even has his own Facebook page and Twitter account!).  He has been around since they met and a much loved being, so I made him a matching outfit for the day.  Quite a sweetie.

There were actually two wedding ceremonies; a small civil ceremony two days before the main event.  We were lucky to get to either as we crashed our motorhome on the M1 on the way to the wedding.  It turned over and then righted itself before coming to a halt on the hard shoulder.  It was packed to the hilt with clothes, wedding makes, champagne, whiskies, gifts, three tier wedding cake and grooms clothing, not to mention my daughter and her partner. We walked away without a scratch and nothing broken except a large water bottle and a camera  (motorhome was a right-off).  We managed to get towed back home, transferred everything to two cars and then, after a few hours sleep, we started off again for Germany, arriving with only hours to spare before the civil ceremony – lucky or what? The wedding cake, made by myself and my husband, survived the whole experience and we still don’t know how it did.  It was turned over and then got thrown back upright and not a dent was made!   Here is a picture of it, melting in the incredible heat which arrived for the wedding, but without a scratch on it or a broken rose in sight.

PS.  We forgot to take the pins out of the ribbon by the vintage brooches before the official photos were taken!

Things we do for love.


  1. Teresa Barrow

    Wonderful story and what marvellous things you made. I can’t imagine the panic you must have been going through after that horrific crash! So pleased that all the important wedding things plus obviously you and your family survived the accident. That cake was a triumph! I love Stonny! xxx