Challenge accepted and I get given the landmark, Houses of Parliament.

Thinking cap on and I was certain that what I make I would use and not put to the back of a cupboard or in a drawer never to be seen again.

The decision to make a clock was a very quick one and with the plan of putting it into my new sewing room once the extension gets going and completed. I hunted for a modern, simple picture of the landmark and eventually found one and then hunted for tumbling numbers which I could combine in with the building.


I started this with plenty of time to complete before the finishing line, the end of January and once started I ordered some fabric with dandy lion seed heads, as this reminds me as a child of blowing them to see what the time was. When it arrived, I realised I was doing my redwork on cream and it needed to be white. Fortunately, I hadn’t got that far with it when I changed background fabric but a bad bout of sickness all over xmas and the new year put paid to me being able to complete before the end of the month. It was great when the goal posts were changed and I now had until the end of February to do this challenge.

Once I had the design on the fabric, I carted it in my basket all over the place just for the opportunity to sit and do a stitch or two. Having to stop working on it to complete a birthday present put the project on a back burner, this was such a tease as I had everything I needed to stitch and complete my work I just didn’t have the time to do it.

Eventually with the stitching complete I was able to assemble my clock. The fabric has been stretched over a canvas and the clock mechanism added with battery to warrant the make a fully working piece for my new sewing room wall with the sides becoming a pin board and embellished using glitter glue pens in four different shines. Finished size is rather large for a clock at 18 x 24 inches but the doubling up to become a pin board as well it turned out to be a good size and now all ready and waiting for my new sewing room to take shape.