It’s the most wonderful time of the year to have great ideas for Christmas gift ideas then the realisation of time constraints. I’ve been busy embroidering t shirts and Christmas decorations that I haven’t had time to make many gifts this year. I blame having to go to work as well.

I have decided this year to write a list of these ideas then maybe next year I can start them earlier or use the ideas for birthday gifts. It’s also that time of year where I begin to reflect on the pieces I’ve completed this year and my aims for next year. I have a quilt which is a few years in production, it will be finished next year, my aim to decorate my bedroom to match too!

This year I purchased an embroidery machine which I am playing with and getting my head around. I’m hoping next year to be able to bring the two crafts together. Ive really missed going to shows to gain inspiration and motivation and the company of the ladies in the local group I attend, my ladies unfortunately are a tad older than me and not quite so internet savvy so zoom get together have not happened.

I wish everyone a happy holiday and a safe new year