That’s nice I thought, and then I look through his catalogue.  Oh my, hundreds of paintings the same.  Lots of splodges of colours, lots of brown paintings and, did you know, Monet even painted his wife in her coffin!  Can you imagine what he would have been like if he had a smart phone!

So let’s back up a bit.  Sylvia, the web master, likes to set us challenges.  When they’re first announced, it always seems a good idea, but then, sometimes, actually being able to come up with something is more of a challenge.

Who was Monet?  Oscar-Claude Monet was a French painter, a founder of French Impressionist painting, born 14 November 1840, died 5 December 1926.  He was definitely prolific in his work, often producing several paintings of the same object in different lights.  I think most of us will think of him and the Waterlilies and the Japanese bridge, but did you know he did some portraits and still life too? 

You can see his full catalogue of paintings here, all 1982 of them.  As I scrolled through them, I was trying to see how I could use fabric to interpret them, but then I had a brain wave.  Instead of replicating his painting, replicate his thinking.  He painted about what was important to him, what he cared about.  There were lots of paintings of his wife and then I came across this one.

The are several painting of a corner of his studio, set up with the tools of Monet’s trade, so why not do my own corner of the studio.  It is my happy place and where I go to create.  The first step was to take a photo and then translate it into fabric and stitch.  Watch the video to see how it progressed.

As many of Monet’s paintings were muted and dark, I used the coffees and browns to create the impression of age.  The fabric framing mimics the picture frame.  I would have liked to bind it in the dark brown, but I’d run out.  I was using fabric I had, rather than buying and adding to my stash.

Despite the trepidation I felt at the beginning of the challenge, I enjoyed creating this piece.  Whatever happens in the future, I will always have a permanent reminder of my corner of the studio and the happy times I have there.

If you want to recreate your own space and need help with the process, I’m happy to help.  Drop me a message or comment, and I will show you how I did it.  For now, I’m off to have a lie down before Sylvia has another bright idea for a challenge.