Make gorgeous tassels with your own thread or woollen yarns with a Tassel Maker from clover.

They are very easy and fun to create and can be used for adding fun details to bags, scarves and other fashion accessories.  What about adding them to cushions, curtains, key fobs and other home decorating items.

Available in two sizes, each makes a variety of tassel sizes. The smaller of the two is £10.50 and can make tassels in three sizes: 3, 4, and 5cm.  The larger,  £13.50,  makes tassels between  6 and 10cm. 

Large Tassel Maker
Small Tassel Maker

So simple to use you set the size you would like by fixing the plastic frame, take your thread and tuck the end into one side of the Tassel Maker and wind away!  Typically you would wind thread for between 20 and 30 times but,  if you would like a fuller, luxurious tassel, wind more.  Smaller?  Just wind less. Once you have finished winding,  tuck the other tale of the thread into the other side of the frame.  Add a hanging loop and tie the centre of the wound thread.  The next step is to snip the wound thread free from the Tassel Maker along grooves which make it simple and add a neck to finish your tassel.

Fully illustrated instructions and templates are included in each pack and you can email [email protected] or telephone: 01453 883581for stockist information.