Yes it’s that time again, the UK Quilters United Mini Swap is up and running.

This is the 8th Mini Swap, which started in 2015 , but we did two during 2018, just for fun!

The ‘You know what’ is (touch wood) winding down and lockdowns are ending, so it seemed the right time to get everyone enthused about quilting and our mini swap. It generates a lot of interest and really helps with motivation. If you’ve been feeling off and not up for sewing, the mini swap will get you moving.

A selection of minis from the 2019 swap

Around 200 members of UK Quilters United join a new group. They fill in a form about their likes and dislikes and then the Swap Mummas separate everyone into group by ability and allocate secret partners. Everyone makes their secret partner a mini quilt, no more than 20″ square based on the likes from the form. At the end of the swap all the minis are posted and everyone receives a super-special mini made just for them!

These are the quilts I’ve made for the swap, and I’ve received some stunners in return. It’s a great opportunity to step outside your own box, try something new, and really push yourself to make something your partner will love.

This year we have decided not to do an international swap unfortunately, but with postal restrictions it would just not work at the moment. Fingers crossed we shall have that back next year.

More news and pictures will be posted over the next few months, it’s going to be an exciting time