It has been wonderful to see opportunities for getting together for classes opening up again.  It may have been a year later than originally intended, but I finally got to do my community teaching. Being out of the studio and travelling to different venues brought it’s own challenges.

Each week on a Monday, I had to pack the car with all my tools, equipment and fabric.  I’d go to the first venue, unpack the car, do the class, pack up the car, drive to the second venue and repeat. The smaller stuff and my sewing machine fitted nicely into bags and/or the trolley, but the cutting mat and rulers were different.  They didn’t fit anything and it was a disaster waiting to happen. The heat meant the mat could easily bend out of shape, and it wasn’t going to take much to snap the long ruler. All I had to do was drop it on the way to or from the car, or shut it in the car door.  What was I going to do?

I did what we all would do, I made something that solve the problem.

I needed a bag that would not only carry my mat and rulers, it had to protect them too.  Bosal In R Form was perfect for the outer bag and fusible fleece added to the inner pockets provided the padding I needed. Jelly roll strips with contrasting fabrics meant it was going to give it a happy and cheerful feel. I used the measurement of my cutting mat to decide on the size, I’d forgotten that my ruler was longer, but I came up with a solution to that, but if I was to do this again, I’d make the bag wider so it could have it’s own pocket.  Watch the video as I describe the thought process used it making up the bag.

With craft classes and retreats opening up, maybe you are looking for ways to transport your tools and equipment safely. I hope you find the video useful and, if you would like a full tutorial, do let me know, I’ll happily create one.