Hi All!

Its been a while again!  Life keeps over taking me, where is this year going at such a rate of knots?!!….. Loads of new designs this year, TV stuff and prep for a fabulous Irish retreat in a couple of weeks!!  The design for the retreat is a Mystery at the moment, I can’t wait to share it, something very new from me and very exciting!!  Then there’s new Christmas designs on the way, my free ‘videos over on Youtube, (Patchwork witterings of Abbieanne) we’re on our 9th free quilt there……. busy busy busy and I’m so grateful to Everybody!!   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIlDCFGmVCznXIPdIetHkeQ

Quilts – I’m never quite sure what my next quilt will be like, I often have a basic topic in mind, but rarely an actual design, that generally happens along the way or when I’m doodling. Fibonacci is a topic I covered within my Design City & Guilds many many years ago, I loved it at the time but never went much further with it until now. I must say though, that this design is only loosely based on the Fibonacci spiral……

I just googled the meaning of ‘Fibonacci in nature’, this photo is what I got, I have to say it made me giggle (and no, I have no rabbits, only cats & fish!)   ((and it’s not a design of the plant photo on the left, although that might make a very jolly future patchwork design!!…….))

Whats it like without giving the actual design away?…

Its sort of a ‘stripy’ quilt, but not.  Its an allover image/design when its finished.  It’s traditional pieced in places and has large easy applique.   Anyone with a good basic understanding of piecing could make this.  You could use any applique technique.

I’ve not put a border on it, but you could easily do so if you want it larger than 48″ x 60″, I’ve made my binding from the left overs.

Its with another UKQU member at the moment, Sarah Wickett, as she’s going to do her magic with the longarm on it for me!   (Ambleside Quilting, Kilkhampton)

I’ve made mine from light spring/summer fabrics, fabric kits are available here in my UKQU shop, you could maybe use your ‘scraps n stash’?      https://ukqu.co.uk/shop/patterns-4/mystery-quilt-4/fibonacci-spiral-quilt-mystery-bom-fabric-kit/

There will be 6 parts/patterns to the mystery, one a month over 6 months starting mid-September.  Payment can be made in 2 parts (3 months each part)  You will receive full sized patterns and instructions, you’ll also have me lurking about to help if you need.  There is a Private Facebook Group set up for everyone taking part to natter & show pictures, I’d like to maintain the mystery until we get our 6 months done please.   https://ukqu.co.uk/shops/abbieanne-store/

What more do you need to know??  As I often say, ‘if in doubt, ask the question please’!  You can message me here on UKQU or privately: [email protected]

Last thing for now…….I thought it might be nice to have a quick look back at the previous mystery quilts, I can’t quite believe how many we’ve done!!

Happy stitching Everyone!!   Be Lovely!  Abbie xxx