Continuing with the posts of the final sections of my lockdown diary.

Day 58: Thorn Stitch, hand dyed cotton thread.

Diary Entry: A day of blah, low, tired, not sure really, just could not seem to find the energy for anything much. Not sure if it’s the coming down off the meds or just general lockdown blues with fibromyalgia adding to the mix.

I choose thorn stitch because I seem to be emotionally a bit prickly, and I liked the way this shaped up in the space provided.

Day 59: Detached Blanket Stitch, perle thread variegated.

Diary Entry: Saw Pip today in Louth, social distancing but by gosh it was hard as I really wanted a hug. Then I made scunchies and more facemasks. Getting quicker, which is just as well as I have lots more to make. The scunchies are for my niece who celebrates her 18th in lockdown, bless her.

So today is Sunday, I have closed the scrub hub. Feeling rather annoyed to be honest. As somebody clearly saw the sign but knocked anyway. If you see a shop closed you don’t then proceed to go in do you, so what makes people think it’s okay to do it to your house; just because they don’t want the inconvenience of having to come back. What about the inconvenience caused to myself; having to then disinfect everything and then store. I am closed for a reason, so I can have a break.  Rant over.

Today I have decided to do detached chain stitch, with variegated thread. I liked the way this came out. The feel is stimulating under my fingers. In fact I like the way the textures of all the stitches are feeling. It may turn out to be a textual thing rather than an image thing. I am still not sure where it is going.

Day 60: Detached blanket stitch in yellow, perle thread, couched into place by three strand white.

Diary Entry: As it was Monday, the normal routine of house work, I wish I had got up early to do it instead I fell back to sleep and that put the whole day behind. Monotony is beginning to get to me everything right now is a chore, with my OCD trying to keep routine is requiring me to have far more effort and energy than it should.

Today’s stitch is the number 60, detached blanket stitch worked and held in position by three strand embroidery thread. The 60 represents sixty days and sixty night of this covid business.

Day 61: Curved running stitch, six strand grey thread.

Diary Entry: Doing masks today for the company. Not sure how many, approximately making 50. Not counting until tomorrow and allowing for some spare in case I make a mistake. I managed to cut out both the linings and outers, sewn up centers and top stitched them.

Today’s stitch was curved running stitch; the reason of this stitch will become clearer as the work progresses. I can see things forming again now.

Day 62: Satin Stitch, six strand thread, white.

Diary Entry: Continuing with mask making, sick of masks and to make matters worse I run out of cut lining had to make more as I didn’t do enough, so time wise that put me back. Then I cover-stitched 50 in a long chain only to notice at the end that one needle had come unthreaded; so I had to unpick the lot, again this added more time to the task. I was in pain, tired and still I worked on, I should of stopped but I finally finished at the point of needing to trim, turn out and top stitch the following day. I was putting so much pressure on myself.

Chose this stitch tonight as I wanted cloud affects, not quite the effect I wanted but it is workable. This was also a quick stitch as I was tired and watching the Sewing Bee at the same time.

Day 63: Nothing done as I was too wiped out today, spent so many spoons –energy levels – yesterday.

Diary Entry: The Company had said they were sending a courier to collect the masks. I had hoped he had received my message in time to cancel as I wasn’t ready. I delayed cleaning so I could get these masks done, I needed to trim and turn out. That took longer than it should have. I was working on slow. Then I ironed a few and worked a few with top stitch and the channels. Only managed 17 out the 57 I had cut, but I was wiped out and still needed to do the house. Hubby said no sewing tomorrow as he could see the pain and stress had gotten to me. I wasn’t used to sewing for money and I was concerned my work wasn’t good enough. Only time will tell. I managed the housework which made me feel so much better. I think my OCD box needed to be ticked. It didn’t help as I was sewing indoors as it was too hot in the tent for my machines or me. I could of run the fan on cool but why waste electricity. Although with hindsight the trade off for the mess and stress might have been worth it. I know better now.

After being nearly in tears over these masks and in pain, I wasn’t then in the mood to do hand sewing. I just sat texting a friend which was so much better. Then I ended up texting another scrubber into midnight.

Day 64: Bullion Knot, ecru cotton thread.

Diary Entry: A no machine day, woke up to sort a collection of a delivery, then a chatty natter session with the ladies. Lunch, then went to a friend’s house and spent a few hours socially distancing and having a good natter. It was rather windy today, so I was rather windswept by the end of it. I hadn’t realised how much I had needed that break, not just from sewing but from the housework, I so tired, not done much. Hopefully have more energy tomorrow to finish those masks. But if I feel tired like today, I may just sleep all day. I avoided going for a nap and opted to see my friend. Glad I did.

Today’s stitch is Bullion knot, set in the style of the number sixty four, not only is it 64 days in lock down, it reminds me of the song, “when I get older, losing my hair, many years from now, will you still need me, when I’m sixty four”. I have been losing my hair. I am feeling rather older than normal body and mind slowing down.