It is amazing how hindsight can give us perspective. As I read further into my diary entries I can see the weariness creep in.

Day 86: None down today.

Diary Entry: I did some much needed weeding today followed by coffee with a friend. Step dad came round and had a coffee and I got some washing done. I did no sewing at all today, I for some reason could not bring myself to stitch when it didn’t feel right.

Photo from day two of the diary.

Day 87: Back stitch, perle green thread.

Diary Entry: For the first time in months I stayed in bed past 2pm. Then got up and went to a friend’s house for coffee in the garden. I have never had so much fresh air as I have this summer, we chatted until 7 pm, wow. Then home for a quick burger sandwich for tea. Then I showered. I always feel better after showering, clean body clear head.

I had a clearer view of my work tonight. I decided to move the embroidery so I took off the embroidery hoop. And saw marks so I wanted to make these a feature, where the hoop had been for over 87 days. I chose the green to represent the colour of the hoop.

Day 88: Running stitch, green perle.

Diary Entry: Cleaning day. Other than the chat with the ladies at our normal coffee morning video and the housework I didn’t really do much. Housework took a while. Then there was tea to cook. Had a play making a lip mask but it was no good.

Today’s stitch is running stitch. I choose this stitch because it is simple yet effective for showing shape. Again I wanted it to be green as showing the outer mark of the embroidery hoop. I even added the detail of where the screws sat.

Day 89: None, set up hoop.

Diary Entry: Spent the day social distancing and cutting out scrubs with the coffee morning ladies. It was a good day, and I caught the sun. It felt good to get out and be with like minded people. A breath of fresh air and much needed company.

Day 90: Running stitches, mark making thin cotton golden thread.

Diary Entry: Too tired to sew scrubs today, so the chat with the ladies was a gentle start to the day. Then while fighting fatigue I did a much needed stock sort out in the tent. It took longer than I needed. But feel better as I had a tidy in there too.

Today’s stitch was more about mark making with thread, running stitch cross hatched.

Day 91: Mark making, straight stitch.

Diary Entry: Thursday, tidy day. Not much achieved as still in flare up. Nap had. However Kira wanted to do some sewing, so I was teaching her to make masks. She only sewed a few linings and inners at the centre, as it was late when we started and I wanted to settle down in front of television and she was becoming distracted.

Today’s stitch is again about mark making, variegated thread cotton hand dyed green.

Day 92: Increased my marks from day 90,

Diary Entry: Still in flare up, tried to sleep on couch but could not sleep. However did feel rested, I was able to do a bit more in the afternoon. Then when I was about to start setting up sewing, my friend popped round and I didn’t get any done.

I think I will continue the marks I made from day 90. I have an idea where this is going. I said that last time, and it was nowhere near what I had envisioned.