Wonder Clips from Clover are now available in multi-sizes within one pack! Already available in separate Regular, Mini and Jumbo sizes, they now also come in a variety pack.

Wonder Clips provide a whole new way to hold project work in position while you sew and are an ideal alternative to pins. They are a great way to position and hold seams, multi-layers of fabric or components prior to stitching and are suitable for home, fashion, quilting and patchwork projects. Wonder Clips have a flat back for easy feeding of fabrics whilst cutting or machining and they are especially useful for securing heavyweight or difficult fabrics such as vinyl or piled fabrics.

There are numerous projects where a selection of clip sizes would be useful and for anyone simply wanting to try them out for the first time, the variety pack is a great option!

This new pack contains 26pcs including; Mini, purple (10pcs), Regular, red (10pcs) and Jumbo, green (6 pcs),

Mini Clips

An opening of 8mm, they are great for quilts, miniature patchwork or dolls clothes.

Regular Clips

An opening of 10mm, these are best suited to piping, sleeves and zipper placing.

Jumbo Clips

An opening of 18mm, suitable for quilt bindings, pouch openings and multi-layers such as bag handles.

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