It’s always great to try a new product, especially when you haven’t used it inside your normal ‘sewing zone’, but when linked me up with Vlieseline and they sent me 5 products to review, I must admit I was a little stumped as to what I would be able to make with them.

With three products down and 2 more head scratching and light bulb moments to go, here is the S520 fusible pelmet interlining review.

S520 is a medium weight fusible interlining and, although traditionally it is used for pelmets and tie backs, it can be used for other crafts too. It’s made of synthetic fibres and holds its shape well.

S520 is available in three width options. You might see it listed with the codes shown below.

Vlieseline codes

S520/30 – 30cm wide option

S520/45 – 45cm wide option

S520/90 – 90cm wide option

The price range for S520 varies across a range of suppliers so remember to shop around. Here are some that I found.

12” (30cm) wide ~ from £4.75 to £6.99 per metre

18” (45 cm) wide ~ from £7.50 per metre

36” (90 cm) wide ~ from £12.95 per metre

S520 is both washable and dry cleanable but not recommended for use in a tumble dryer.

Place the interfacing with the coated side on the wrong side of the fabric. Cover with a damp cloth and press step by step each area for about 15 seconds, being careful not to move the iron.

Allow the pieces to cool flat for about 30 minutes, so that the adhesive can set properly.

My only recommendation would be that the non adhesive side is marked somehow, slight different colour shade would work well, especially helpful with those who have difficulty with sight.

I always try to make something different when writing reviews so I had to really think about what I could make this time. Vlieseline make suggestions for using S520 fusible pelmet interlining for fabric baskets, bags, belts, hats and other creative handicrafts.

It’s great for using inside the handles of fabric baskets as it holds the shape of the handle stand up as you can see here.

Vlieseline, if you’re reading this, it would be great if you could repost the instructions for this fabulous basket on your website. I, for one, would really like to have a go at making it.

I’ve already made a fabric gift/storage box using S133 Balear pelmet interlining and a bottle bag using Style-Vil Fix so, what to make for the S520 fusible pelmet interlining?

If any of you have grown up children who’ve fled the nest or sons, partners who are mad on cars, vehicles of any description you may be the KEEPER of KEYS. I know I am! Many of them belong to scrapped vehicles, spares for padlocks, emergency set for locked out children ~ well, they’re adults now but sometimes forget, and for some reason I still have them all!

Ping! The idea hit me to make key fobs for the most important keys, as for the others, they can be used as twiddle things on Fidget quilts.

These KEY FOBS are quick and easy to make, and they can be sewed by hand or machine. They are a great way for using up some of your scrap stash as well.

So, what do you need?

First decide on what length and width you want your key fobs to be.

I chose to make 3 key fobs:

Originally, I was going to make 3 fobs all the same size but changed my mind, partly because I’ve recently added a craft pliers and clasps kit to my accessories stash.

I found it difficult to see which side of the S520 interlining was the adhesive side. In the photo you can just see that the non-adhesive side looks like it has little holes punched into it and the adhesive side looks flatter. If in doubt test it on some fabric first. TIP ~ mark the non-adhesive side with a pencil.

Make up your fob using your chosen method from any of these below.

For the Orange fob, fold the fabric in half, placed Right Side (RS) together and sew down the edge using a 0.25” seam. Turn RS out and press.

Slide the S520 fusible interlining inside the ‘tube’, check which is the adhesive side and STEP PRESS for about 15 seconds. Leave to cool for around 30 minutes.

Fold the tube in half and attach the D ring and hook securely.


For the Grey Spot Fob ‘step press’ the S520 fusible interlining onto the backing fabric. Leave to cool.

Fold the overhanging fabric onto the interlining and press the seam in place – pin or clip in place.

On your Grey Spot fabric PRESS a 0.25” seam towards the wrong side down each length of the fabric strip.

Place the backing fabric RS facing down and lay the Grey Spot fabric on top. This should encase the ‘pressed seams’ on the inside of your fob. Clip into place and then sew close to the edge of both sides.

You can see a white strip on the photo, this is double sided adhesive quilting tape ~ great for these fiddly jobs and washes away easily later.

Fold in half with the Grey Spot fabric outermost. For this I attached the clasp using the pliers that came with the kit I bought – you can use a D ring and snap hook if you don’t have these.

For the small Blue Fob place your blue fabric RS facing down. Place the S520 fusible interlining down the centre of the fabric so the adhesive side is facing towards the wrong side. This should leave you with at least a 0.25 strip down each side (you can make the strip a bit wider if you want to). Step press and leave to cool.

Fold the overhanging blue fabric towards the WS of the strip and over the S520. Take some blue ribbon and place down the centre of the WS of the strip making sure it’s wide enough to cover the raw edges ~ doesn’t matter if you can still see some of the blue fabric. Sew close the edge down both sides of the strip.

Add a D ring, hook or clasp of your choice.

Add the keys and you’re done!

This is  a great craft activity for children to make too. You can personalise your fabric choice for whoever you are gifting it to or for whose keys you are the keeper of!

The Vlieseline website and Facebook pages have some great ideas for you to make with a wide range of their products.

Using S520 pelmet fusible interlining you can make this fabulous Christmas Star, designed by Sheila King, Vlieseline Design Studio. Visit their website below for the instructions and the pattern can be found at the bottom of the page.

Thank you to Vlieseline and to for this opportunity – just two more blogs to come for the wonderful Vlieseline products that I’ve never tried before so watch this space.

Happy Sewing Everyone

Carol L

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