If you read my previous review of the  lovely Tilda Scrap Bundle you may remember that I mentioned I may do something with the fabric left over from the small quilt top I made.

Surprisingly enough I did…I had promised to show some of my Monday Stitchers (we meet every week on zoom) how to make a Russian ball and thought the fabrics would lend itself to that.

These are really simple to make. I chose to use one of the Tilda fabrics for the lining and used all of the others for the front of the ball.

A circle was drawn on the lining fabric which was then layered right sides together with the outer fabrics and placed on top of a piece of wadding.

The drawn line was stitched using a reduced stitch length and then trimmed ¼” from the stitched line, the excess wadding was cut back to the sewing line and the seam allowance was snipped.

A small slit was made in the lining fabric and the piece was turned inside out.

An equilateral triangle was drawn on the outer fabric of each circle.

The segments were grouped into two sets of five, one for the top and the other set would make the bottom part of the ball. Two pieces were aligned and stitched along the drawn line with the lining sides facing. I used a running stitch and some quilting thread.

Segments were added one at a time until I had five together, before completing the shape I used some rat tail cord to create a hanging loop. I tied a knot and inserted it into the centre before stitching the final seam. The second half was stitched the same way as the first.

The two halves were stitched together along the drawn lines and before closing the gap it was stuffed using the excess wadding that had been trimmed from the original stitching.

A finger press was all that was needed to open and flatten the flaps before the ball was ready for use.These could make lovely Christmas decorations, but also a nice gift for a baby, make them as large as needed simply by making the circles larger.

Thanks for reading