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On the twelve’s days of Christmas the sewer gave to me 2 Xmas Puddings.

You will need:

• Felt

• Needle and matching thread for hand sewing (optional)

• Scissors

• Hot Glue gun and glue sticks (optional)

• Beads or buttons (optional)

These ornaments have been made very quickly and simply because I have also factored in not only time, but something you might want to make with children.

Template is found in the link above.

I cut out the two puddings and the top. I again cheated and stuck the top on with a glue gun and did the hanging thread at the same time, making sure the thread was between the two layers. As an afterthought I went back and re cut the top white again and added it to the back.

I then hand sewed some small white stitches over the pudding, making sure to run the needle within the fibres of the felt so the white did not show through. In hindsight I could have just stopped and started in each area, which would have been easier. However, it was nearly 3 am and I wanted to get them made so that I could compile this blog. Thus, giving those that wanted to make it time, so it was in time for Christmas day.

Having had over a week to think about it, I could have made them double sided and hidden all the sewing inside between the two outer layers. Again I will prefect them at a later date.

I hope you enjoyed the Xmas puddings, and you will continue to follow the rest of the blogs for the other ornaments.

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… On the twelve’s days of Christmas the sewer gave to me: And an Angel for my tree.