Following on from my 12 Layers of Christmas Tree blog.

On the twelve’s days of Christmas the sewer gave to me: 11 Felt Chains

You will need:

• Felt

• Needle and matching thread for hand sewing

• Scissors

• Tape measure or ruler

• Hot Glue gun and glue sticks (optional)

These ornaments have been made very quickly and simply because I have also factored in not only time, but something you might want to make with children.

Due to the size of the tree, chains have been made bigger to go around it, to keep to the number 11. However, I did make smaller to start with. I felt they would of looked better around the tree, but I would have had to make more. I will at a later date refine these.

I chose blue as blue seems to be the in colour this season. I also felt it looked nice against the white of my tree. I did all the same blue, however I wish I had chosen different shades of blue to make it look better.

Cut strips of ¼ of an inch wide of felt. Then cut those into 5 inch strips. Cut 11 strips.

Sew the first one together at the ends. You could of course save time and glue them in place. Next place the next strip through the completed chain and then sew the ends of that together. Thus, forming a chain, continue with this until all 11 have been joined and sewn.

My original chain was 3 inches by ½ inch and looked nicer. But it did not go around the tree.

Once you are happy with your chain, wrap it around your tree.

I hope you enjoyed the chains, and you will continue to follow the rest of the blogs for the other ornaments.

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