Following on from my 9 Sparkle Stars blog.

On the twelve’s days of Christmas the sewer gave to me 8 Felt Bells.

You will need:

• Felt

• Needle and matching thread for hand sewing

• Scissors

• Hot Glue gun and glue sticks (optional)

These ornaments have been made very quickly and simply because I have also factored in not only time, but something you might want to make with children.

I have included a bell within the templates pattern, link above. Each bell is to be cut of singly and if you then want you can make them a pair like I did to mine.

Because these bells are small, it is another great way to use up those scraps of spare fabric. I choose felt for mine again because it does not fray, but you could use vinyl.

I chose to do fancy stitches on mine with embroidery thread using a blanket stitch on the outside and a basic running stitch over the top of the curve to give the bell depth.

You could either mark this with felt tip pens or pencils or use another piece of felt to show the inner off. Again the choice is yours. Once I made each bell I sewed them together at the time as I added the hanging loop.

I hope you enjoyed the bells, and you will continue to follow the rest of the blogs for the other ornaments.

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… On the twelve’s days of Christmas the sewer gave to me: 7 Candy Canes.