Following on from my 5 Fancy Bows blog.

On the twelve’s days of Christmas the sewer gave to me 4 Santa Stockings.

You will need:

• Felt

• Needle and matching thread for hand sewing (optional)

• Scissors

• Hot Glue gun and glue sticks (optional)

These ornaments have been made very quickly and simply because I have also factored in not only time, but something you might want to make with children.

The template is included in the link above.

I was getting tired and wanting to cheat a bit more. I cut out all my shapes but did double the white pieces so they would have a front and back. I used the glue gun instead of sewing. You could however sew them in place, still making them double sided.

Although it wasn’t until I did the front that I thought about doing the back.

I first glued the hanging thread in place, and then before the glue cooled I placed the top white section on top of the stocking. Then I turned them over and did the same with the top of the other stocking.

You could add stitches and make them fancy or leave plain like I did mine. The choice is yours. You may even wish to add the initial of each family member or pet.

I hope you enjoyed the Santa stockings, and you will continue to follow the rest of the blogs for the other ornaments.

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… On the twelve’s days of Christmas the sewer gave to me: 3 Holly Leafs.