The last few months for me have been very strange, family duties needing to be done.  As many of you are no doubt aware, it takes a toll from creativity and what we generally refer to as our ‘Mojo’ did a runner on me! I need a clam space, time and colour to let my creativity flow……..

( ”Mojo’ – a magic charm, talisman or spell – an influence )

Well, I thought my Mojo was long gone, until I went to a couple of quilt shows!  (Exeter & Malvern shows) Just the tonic I needed.  Back teaching and inspiring, mixing with like minded lovelies, stroking a few bolts of fabrics and delving into too many books!  I got to see lots of students and friends and fun was had by lots!  I hadn’t realized just how much I’d missed my quilting world, having only been doing just enough to keep my working life ticking over for months……

(the ladies on the Kaleidoscope Book stand (Kalquilts))

Anyway, now Mojo is back and I’m playing catch up!!

Whilst at the shows this year I’m teaching Japanese Folded Patchwork (JFP) using my templates, I demoed them on tv last year – so stressful!! I never realized how live tv can affect you!

 Whilst teaching, quite a few students asked for me to record a video of the demo so they could refer to it whilst making their own patchworks at home.  I know several are members of UKQU so I thought I’d tell you all and post a link for everyone to my YouTube Channel.

There’s now 4 sizes of template to choose from, they’re a fabulous way to use up your scraps (hence many sizes, we all save different sized scraps!) as well as using set fabrics.  They can be completed by hand or machine, they make many things!  You’ll find them here in my UKQU shop or on my website    5″, 4″, 3″ & 2.5″ (for those who like fiddly work)

I play with JFP in the same way as others do Hexi’s – they travel everywhere with me as I like to complete them by hand.  Before you know it you’ll have a quilt as the units can be made as quilt as you go – just fabulous!!

Another VERY happy thought for me, is that I feel the urge to design the next Mystery Quilt as well!!

We’re coming up to the 3rd month of the current Mystery “Fanfare!”, I’ll be posting out the patterns and instructions to participants next week.  Now’s when things start to get exciting for me, I just love to see how people are getting on with their quilt.  They’ll start taking shape now, the blocks can start being arranged and re-arranged, imaginations fully switched on!  I wonder what they’ll make of the next set of blocks?!!

Just a photo for inspiration!

 I covered this machine VERY many years ago now, I couldn’t bring myself to consign the machine to the tip, it had been too faithful to me having completed all of my City & Guilds work on it…….. 

maybe you need to track down your own Mojo –  calm, colour & time, let it flow!!

Love and stuff to All, be lovely!!

Abbbie xxx