Hello and welcome to the UKQU Sewing Challenge where we are using our patchwork and quilting skills to create garments, accessories, things for the home and perhaps also something for charity. We’ll be embarking on various types of sewing projects which may challenge some of us, but hopefully still be lots of fun. Best of all – no judges and no eliminations!

With hopefully a sunny British summer ahead of us, I am starting off the UKQU Sewing Challenge with a fairly small, but useful project; a reversible SUNHAT. 

To add that patchwork / quilting twist, please remember to include some type of patchwork/quilting element. Pssst, you may like to do something more than ‘just’ quilt the brim…

Unfortunately, I don’t have printed patterns to hand out like Esme does, instead I suggest you use Google (other search engines are available) or head down the black hole that is Pinterest for inspiration and patterns. There are LOADS of patterns available online (paid and free) and in various magazines and books, or perhaps you already have a favourite pattern that you’ve been making over and over again?

Below are two free patterns which I’ve come across recently. They are slightly different to each other and one of them doesn’t even need a printer; just a ruler, paper and pen!

Two sunhats using improv quilt blocks for some of the sections

Join in the discussion

Please do share your tips and ideas, as well as what you are making on Facebook. You’re welcome to use both our main group, UK Quilters United and our dedicated sewing challenge group, UKQU Sewing Challenge. If you add #ukquSewingChallenge to your posts in the main group, it’ll be easier for everyone to find them, but don’t worry as I can add topics/hashtags to posts if you forget.

Feel free to join in when you have time; this is all about making something else than quilts and having some fun. Also, please remember, you’re keeping what you’re making, so there is no pressure to be done at a specific time, although I’ll be sharing a new challenge later this summer.

Have fun everyone!
/ Nina xx